Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Where I Come From

I got home from Paducah on a Saturday night, left for South Dakota the next Tuesday morning, and got home again on Tuesday a week later.
 Once again my family gathered in honor of our Mom.
What a wonderful time, laughing and reminiscing .  
This is my sister BK Henley Taves  standing in front of our old house. This is where I was born. How big it used to look to me. Now I wonder how a family of 7 plus extra cousins lived in a house so small.
My brother beside the garage where I would hang out with him and hand him tools while he worked on the tractors or his race car. 
The Methodist Church where I sang songs in the Christmas play and was handed popcorn balls on the way out.
This is the school where I started kindergarten. The doors on the left is the boys entrance and the girls entered on the right. My goodness, how times have changed. 

I've only been able to work on my art collages a little bit since I've been home.
When I am in there though, fabric flies! 
God bless you


Ramona said...

Those old homes remind me of where my parents grew up in Madison County Iowa. We were all Methodists too and the school looks so much like my Mom's brick school in Patterson Iowa. Thanks for sharing the great photos.

Phyllis said...

A trip down memory lane for you, how wonderful! said...

Oh my gosh in our standards today it was a small house, but I bet when you were a kid it didn't seem crowded. I know my great grandmother's house was smaller than that and she always had kids, grand kids, and great grandkids living with her or staying with her. How great to go visiting, and reminiscing.

Raewyn said...

WE have a video of my Nana and her sister (in their 80s) exploring their childhood home... how precious that is and it was TINY!! It sounds like you've had a good time away. Happy sewing!

Kath said...

How lovely that little home is, hard to imagine a large family all squeezed in together.

Rachaeldaisy said...

Thank you for the tour of your old home and town. It's so interesting to see different places. Your school building looks so imposing. It's great you were able to relive memories with your sister and brother.

Carol said...

What part of South Dakota is that? I love pictures like that and the sweet memories that come from them.

the girlfriend gap said...

The school made me smile.... exactly the same for our Jr High. Boys entrance on one side girls on the other.

No wonder you are so sweet.... you have good roots. : ) So glad you were able to be with your family.

What brought you to Texas? It seems like a long way from home.

Your sweet Sewing Sister in Christ,

Linda said...

How sweet that you have such wonderful childhood memories and can stand in front of those places today!

Carla said...

It's so fun to reminisce about times long ago. I saw a picture, recently, from my grade school days when the girls were not allowed to wear blue jeans. Makes me laugh. At least we all used the same door to get in the building.... Times have changed. Thanks for sharing a little about you.