Ranch Patrol

About me:

Hi, my name is Vickie. I love God, Ranch Man, my family, and I love Texas.
I'm a retired secretary from a wholesale fishing tackle business.   
I'm Ranch Man's gate opener and chief cook & bottle washer. I love to work in the vegetable garden, work with my dogs, do for others and help my man with all the things that come along with ranch life. 

I was taught to hand quilt by my mother-in-law over 25 years ago. We would meet once a week with 4 other women at my in-laws old bunk house and take turns quilting each others quilts.  
I blog when I can and think the best thing about it, is meeting women with the same interests as I have from all over the world.   
"The Ranch Patrol"
Two Corgis and a Wiener dog

This is the "Ranch Patrol Foreman". 
He loves to work cows and does all kinds of tricks. 

 This is Bella Buttons, the "Ranch Patrol Baby".
She's in training for ranch duties. 
Learning the easy lessons first: like every ranch dog needs to know where to cool off.
and how to sniff out wild hogs and other critters.
Most important lesson is how to run and have fun.
The "Little Red Ranch Dog", who is in charge of inside security and is Ranchman's sidekick.
 Isn't it funny how big ole men have little ole bitty dogs.
Everyone has something to teach. 

Thanks for taking time to get to know us.
"The Ranch Patrol" and I  hope you'll drop in often to find out what's going on here at the ranch.

This was "The Ranch Detective", head of night patrol. 
Smoky Joe passed away in September of 2015 at 12 years of age. 



Its was Great Chatting with you; I really Hope one Day we get to sit and sew! Now we have to get Buttons made for our success..... I love your Quilts and I can see the experience and love you put into them. GoodLuck with all your dreams , xoxo Shirley from SimpleSew

InGa said...

I love the story about your life. I can almost see the cat on patrol...
Where in Texas is Ebony? I'hw been to San Antonio 2 times, and seen the Alamo,( of course).
Regards from Ingrid in Skåne, Sweden.

Vickie said...

It's a little community south of Brownwood in Mills County. The only things there are a Community Center, a cemetery and 2 houses.

Alicia said...

Looks like a fun place to be. Glad to have found you...by accident, I guess. Got here somehow from a pin cushion hop.

DonnaTheBwana said...

My Daddy was born in Brownwood, Texas, and my Momma was born in Ireland, Texas near Hamilton. Love seeing your photos of that part of our great state...