Wednesday, July 21, 2021

 Hmmm, just seeing if I remember how to blog !

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

It's Just Life

Once again I say hi.
 Not much sewing going on here since the end of October. I wanted to write my blog and touch base with all the people I've made friends with in blog land, but just haven't been in the mood.....ya know what I mean? 
 I usually go on a quilt hiatus the first part of the year anyway, but I've had a reason this time. I spent much of the end of 2017 in South Dakota. Our family lost 2 loved ones 3 weeks apart. It just takes time to get over stuff like that.
 We're all doing a much better these days. 
  My sister came to visit and made her first quilt for her first great-granddaughter, 
she even machine quilted it by herself !
I have many sewing projects to catch up on....4 BOM's, a pattern to test...not due just yet thank goodness, and I've got that hankering to just play with some collage techniques. 
Don't hold me to anything, writing on my blog is at least keeping it from going null and void. 
God Bless you !
Until next time

Saturday, October 28, 2017

The End of October

Isn't this the cutest quilt ever !
 It's called "Smitten Kitten" and I just purchased the PDF pattern from  Sew Fresh Quilts
My 6 year old granddaughter is kitty cat crazy and loves Grammie's quilts. So here's hoping Grammie gets it done in time for Christmas or for her birthday January 1st.

 Congratulations to Me !
 I wanted to get this "Farmers Wife" finished this year... I started it 3-4 years ago and I was so tired of that thing starring at me every time I opened the closet door in my sewing room !
Does that ever happen to you ? 
I never did liked the fabrics I chose or the tiny pieces in the blocks.

(I ALWAYS fall for those BOM's with little bitty blocks ! WHY ??!!! ) 

My blocks were, well, lets just say- not all the same size. 
The traditional setting wasn't an option because of that.
My friend Sherri suggested setting them on point, this way I could trim them all down to the same size.  OK great idea !
Then I decided to add corner pieces to get a secondary design 
and WA-LA, it looks great and it's done,  El-complet-O, no more, nadda, finished !

The reason I was able to finish the FW is because I took it to
 Quilts With A Heart Retreat Center for the weekend. It was the only thing I took with me so.... I HAD to work on it. Do ya'll ever trick yourselves like that ?

The next week after my stay at the retreat, we held our Brownwood Quilters' Guild meeting at Quilts With A Heart Retreat Center so the guild members could tour the new facility.

Look who came for a visit.... Doniene !

Until next time,
God Bless You !

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Scrap Busted

 I told you in a previous post I had been sewing up a storm ? 
Here's some of the things I made. 
 I was on a mission to use up my scraps..... 
Then one day I had this great idea, so I called my friend Nancy. 
"Hey Nancy, you want to come over and help me and sew some baby quilts ?"
So, sew we did....that day she and I made 60 string blocks. We had a great time ! 

 Over the next couple of months I worked on my scrap stash of squares that were anywhere from 3" to 6" and 2 1/2" strips along with those "ODD" ones we all have. 
I wound up with 36 baby quilts, 5 bed runners and two table toppers. 
Some baby quilts are for charity and some are to sell. 
These pictures are from my booth at our guild's quilt show this past weekend.     

 I did manage to get rid of most of scrap stash....and let me tell you.....
Now I'll buy more fabric and start a new scrap stash !   
Invite a friend to come sew, it's fun quality time well spent !
Until next time,
God Bless you ! 

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Catching You Up

 Let's start the catch up pictures with the tractor quilt that was supposed to be a Christmas present....last year. Well, it didn't happen. I first blogged a little about it HERE. I did however get it ready for my Tractor Boy's 3rd birthday this past August. He loves it !     

 This is an extra block I made from the "Bringing Home the Tree" quilt I posted about previously. I sent this to my mom, along with the the pumpkin wall hanging below.  
 This is a little kit I ordered from Shabby Fabrics 
It goes together so fast (it's prefused and lazer cut)
I added a few crystals to give it a little bling. 
Hot fix crystals are new to me and I like them !  

These next 3 pictures are bed runners I made for a hospice care center in Abilene,Texas.

This one is a "Turning Twenty" made from a Pat Sloan fabric line. 

 This one is a string quilt, I've been on a mission to use up my scraps. 

 This one is a "Squash Blossom" pattern. I presented it as a BOM at my quilt guild  
and these are some of the blocks. It made a really pretty bed runner.
 I blogged about this block HERE

This is a "Tessellating Texas" quilt I made in a class. I donated it to a group of ladies who make love covers for hospitals. 
They do the quilting and choose the organization to give it to. 

 I still have a lot more to catch you up on but, until next time
God Bless you !

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