Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Tree Bird Hop

Welcome everybody! 
Haven't you enjoyed this hop and all the wonderful ideas from each blog!
When Madam Samm told us about it and showed Tracy Lizotte's bird fabric, I knew I wanted to participate, because it completely reminded me of my precious little Mama.  She's always loved feeding and watching birds. 
I ordered Tracy's fabric, then tried to figure out what to make with it.
I finally decided on a sampler quilt.
 After making some blocks, I got to thinking, she really doesn't NEED a quilt because she got several new fuzzy blankets from other family members for Christmas last year.
 Halt production ! 
So now....what to make? Her retirement home room is about a 12' x 12' space and jam packed with all the things that are special to her. What could mom actually use?
She isn't able to get around very good these days because of serious back issues she had about 10 years ago. Her activities are limited, so she spends much of her time in her chair watching the birds, reading books and her mail.
 I remembered the last time I visited her in South Dakota, her mail was laying around the room in several different places.  So this is what I came up with.....
A place to put her mail, pens, phone, glasses, or books, right over the arm of her chair. 
It's longer on this side to hold the letters up in place.
and shorter on the inside so it won't get in her way.
 I'll give this to her when we go up to SD for her birthday celebration of
And speaking of tree birds.....
I told Ranchman a white ring-neck dove was eating the chicken feed....he said (and I quote)
 "Vickie, we don't have any white dove around here, it was probably just the way the light was shining on it".
really !
A special thanks to Lana for doing a  great job as cheerleader. 
Thursday March 19
                          More Stars in Comanche     You're here! 

Have a very blessed day!