Tuesday, November 25, 2014

A Little Finish

I was so happy...I got a chance to sew last Sunday ! 
 I was able to finish a little baby quilt that had been hanging in my quilt closet
 as a flimsy for quite some time.
I think Doris presented the block for our monthly BOM  at our quilt guild in August 2013.
 It's been hanging in the closet about that long.
It's backed with warm cozy lime camo flannel . 
Take a look at the binding...I dug around until I finally had enough left overs to make a srappy binding. When I finished it, I began looking for fabric to bind another quilt...
Look what  I found ! 
I usually always make the bindings after I finish piecing a quilt.
I just forget to look for them when I'm done quilting !

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Have a happy bright day ! 
God bless you.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Brown Bag Exchange

 Back in September the ladies in my quilt guild who wanted to participate, brought 5 fat quarters, put them in a brown paper bag, (no names), we numbered the bags,....drew numbers and you picked up the bag with your number on it. You had 2 months to make your person a completed project out of the fat quarters they put in their bag. You could add more fabric to it if you wanted too, but you HAD to use their FQ's.
This is what I was blessed with ! My sweet friend Doniene made me this table topper/wall hanging from the FQ's I put in my bag and those pumpkins with the wonderful scent of cinnamon and cloves. 
The topper is hand and machine quilted, needle turn appliqued and embroidered. The card inside the bag said she prayed for my family and me while she stitched. There is a picture of us exchanging, but I was crying and didn't want you to have to look at it. If you want to see more of the exchanges from that day, your welcome to click HERE

 I drew Wanda's name and made her this table runner and little Edyta Sitar pin cushion from the FQ's she put in her bag. I wanted you to see this picture of Wanda, other wise I would have cropped my  head off  and hers would have come off too. I think she is just the prettiest lady !  
These flowers and card are from "The Little Cowboy" and his parents. 
The perfect center piece for our Thanksgiving table.  

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Twas the Night Blog Hop

Welcome to Day 8 of the hop !

Wasn't this just the coolest hop idea Marlene and Madame Samm dreamed up for us do !
I've  seen sew many things I want to make ! 
Thank you sweet ladies....awesome idea !
First let me show you the gifts I got from Tonia
An Eleanor Burns table runner pattern, and this mug rug and cup cozy ! 
The cozy will keep my fingers from getting cold when I drink summm.. sparkling  wine !
 Thank you Miss Tonia...how did you know I love flying geese ?
 I thought long and hard about what could be made fast and would be EASY .
As many of you know, I started keeping my grandson about 3 weeks ago when his Mama went back to work. I am enjoying it so much, but I stay so busy taking care of playing with him, there isn't much time to sit down at the sewing machine !
 Since I have little kids on the brain lately, I thought I would make something for little kids. 
This pattern is dated 1992 and I've made these dolls time and time again...quick and easy. 
So "The Little Cowboy" and I went to the sewing room and started to work making a baby doll for my beach baby doll, Raychel. I held up 3 fabrics and asked "The Little Cowboy" which one we should use for his cousins doll? With out a doubt it would be the red with Christmas trees. 
Her pacifier is a big button ! Isn't she cute ! And she can be made during the afternoon nap !
 I've been using Madame Samm's  Pumpkin Patch Pin Cushion tutorial
to make pin cushions like crazy !  So far I think I've made 15 ! I give them as gifts at guild meetings.
 I began to wonder.... if...... that pattern could be made into a ball.
Wa-la !  
"The Little Cowboy" has a Christmas ball that's just the right size for tiny little hands.

This is a quilt I jumped out there and made before I realized the projects were only supposed to take a couple of hours. It took a little longer than a few hours...it's a rail fence pattern made from a jelly roll quilted by Quilts With a Heart. The backing is a sateen fabric.
You will find sew many awesome gift ideas when you visit my "same day sisters" !
Sew go checkum out ! 

Thursday, Nov. 20
Allthingzsewn Sent me a gift
Pickles Quilting I sent her a gift
Cate’s Linens
Happy Thanksgiving next week !
God bless you.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Gift Inspiration

Do you need ideas on what to give for Christmas gifts ? 
Things that take a few hours or less to whip up !
Twas the Night Before Christmas Hop is going on...check out all the cool, cute ideas.
The full schedule !

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Have a blessed week ! 

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Pay it Forward

I have no pictures of the Fort Worth Sewing and Quilting Expo, I didn't go after all. 
But that's OK I had a great day anyway !
I won a few things and got some great gifts from wonderful friends. 
 I won this from Carol at  Just Let me Quilt !

 Angela from Quilts With a Heart gave me this round bag for my birthday.........
which she won in the Penny Auction at the guild meeting last month........
 which was made by Doris The Quilting Queen Online.......
who got the pattern from Carol Just Let me Quilt !
 Did you follow all that ? 

Sherri (who has no blog), won this good smelling pumpkin at the guild meeting this month .......
she then gave it to me because she knew how much I liked it.......
It was made by Doniene from Now it's Just Quilts ......
 Doniene bought me lunch for my birthday !

Doris from The Quilting Queen Online  was going to make me one of these for my birthday because she knew how much I liked it, but as I said Angela gave it to me.....

  so Doris made me this cute jewelry pouch !
I also won this
from Brittany at Pickles Quilting who just had her 1 year Blogiversary !
It's been a good month and I am very blessed ! 
Thank you friends !