Thursday, November 26, 2015

A Few Recent Finishes

 This St. Bernard is a commissioned piece I just finished from a pattern I designed.  
 My oldest granddaughter drew this deer for me. The horns are just small bits and pieces of fabric that are left over from cutting out flowers.
It's for sale.

Another you see the tiger hiding in there some where? 

 A lady at bible study got that batik fabric at a gift exchange we do each month for birthday celebrations. She's not a quilter, so I told her that if she would give me the fat quarter I would make something and bring it back to her......she was thrilled with the cross. 
This picture was taken before the binding was sewn down.
 I gave it to my brother for his 70th birthday.
Matthew 19:26
The story behind the flying pig is: when he was a teenager our pigs got out and went to the neighbors house several miles away. Dad told him to go get them and the neighbor wasn't very nice about it. My brother being a little upset was driving pretty fast on the dirt road when the old homemade trailer came off the ball and the nose of it drove down in the gravel catapulting the pigs into the air. My brother  said he looked up and pigs were flying over the cab of the pickup ! They landed in the ditch and were all knocked out. Harlan said he thought "boy am I in trouble all the pigs look dead"! He said here in a minute he could hear grunting.....they all jumped up and ran straight home!  
I love that story....when he tells it I laugh so hard I can't breathe !
 So I always give him some sort of flying pig for special occasions. 
And a traditional quilt finish, measuring 98" x 98" generous queen size.
This one is for sale too.
Thanks for stopping by.
Happy Thanksgiving, God bless you.

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Sharing the Love

I recently had the opportunity to teach  members of the Brownwood Quilters' Guild
 how to make a small collage wall hanging.
Sharing and showing others what I love to do was such a blessing to me. 

I first tried collage quilting because of Leslie, who blogs at Marveles Art Studio's 
The deer was my first collage....a kit I bought from Fiberworks

 The first hour or so was spent just cutting out flowers, which was perfect for visiting and catching up with one another.
 A sweet-heart was the goal of the day. 

 I expect this young lady to be a famous quilter some day.
She is new to quilting and self taught.
 This lady is happy that she has more time to quilt 
since retiring from the public school system.
 This is a very traditional quilter who has jumped in to art quilts without reservation !
  The blue colors on this heart are very pleasing to the eyes.
Quilts with a Heart owner has done collage quilting before, 
but she took the class anyway because she's a great friend! 

Thanks for stopping by and may God bless you. 

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Salutations !

 I've been gone, but I hope not forgotten. 
It's been very quiet here at More Stars in Comanche, but I have certainly been keeping up with all of you, and I have been busy in the sewing room. I'll get you caught up with all of my projects so this post has a bunch of pictures.
 Most of the pictures are from my quilt guild meetings.
I've done some collage art getting ready to share the how to's with my quilt guild members in November.
Remember  Quiltville's Grand Illusion 2014 Winter Mystery Quilt ? This is my version of it, back from the quilter's house....I bound it by hand (something I'm not fond of doing)
 Then in August I went to a quilt retreat with these lovely ladies. 
 This is the quilt pattern we all made at the retreat. Even though we all had the same fabrics, each quilt looked very different. I intend to straight line quilt this myself some time soon. 
A precious woman and her daughter sat across the table from me....sewing curves was a challenge for some....once in a while the woman would look over at her daughter and say 
" Is this a right brain activity?"
 So out of the left over fabrics I made a wall hanging called "Right Brain"...lots of straight line quilting, yoyo's and vintage buttons. Picture quality is not good I know...maybe better ones someday. 

 And one called "Left Brain". I used lots of fun stitches that are on my Janome and some hand quilting. I quilted it in a circular design.
This is a BOM that I participated in at
 Quilts With a Heart Quilt Group in 2014. 
It's called Prairie Rose, and was designed by The Quilted Moose

 I was given 3, shall we say vintage (all torn up) Southern Belle quilt blocks, (the brown, blue and white, and greenish ones) and asked to applique the edges down. I ended up making three extra blocks (the pink, red and aqua ones) and decided to make the quilt for the lady. This quilt and the ones the other lady made were auctioned off in a craft sale with the proceeds going to help our local nursing home. 

 This is 5 of the 10 or so charity baby quilts I've made....just trying to use up fabric that's been in my possession for WAY TOO LONG
 This is my TV quilt. I made it from Edyta Sitar's "Jelly Bean" fabrics and the 
 pattern is  Rail Fence from Missouri Star Quilt.
That's it for the most part....! I'm glad you stopped in ! I missed you all !
God bless you

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Stars Over Abilene.TX

Last weekend was the Stars Over Abilene Quilt Show
I drove 80 miles on Wednesday to deliver my 3 entries, and then Saturday I drove back over there to pick them up. I went early that day so I could see all the quilts in the show. 
I had told Ranchman, that this year I wouldn't win a thing with my artsy quilts because, most of the quilts in the show from the past few years have been more traditional.
Boy was I surprised that both the "Black Hills Bison" and the "As the Deer" 
had a first place ribbon ! 
It's a wonderful feeling when you find out people like what you do.
They are both for sale on Etsy. 

I've been working on a Saint Bernard collage of my own design, it's been a slow go. 
I will keep plugging away at it and it might turn out to be my best masterpiece ! 
You never know !

What was my third entry ? 
No ribbon, boo who !
May you be blessed beyond measure.

Monday, June 1, 2015


 Someone very dear to my heart is graduating from the 8th grade.
 Not deserving of a car (4 more years,....maybe )
but, deserving of a quilt made by grandma !
Size 12" x 14" 
Fused art applique
Freemotion and straight line quilting, fused binding. 
This was the first time I used the oil Paintstik which becomes permanent after it's heat set.
The rubbing plate had a neat texture that I mimicked on the vase with quilting.