Saturday, December 20, 2014

Pomegranate Mimosa

I drove up to my mailbox this evening to see if what I won was in it....and it was !

Thearica  recently changed the name of her blog from Pig Tales and Quilts, to Stitch and Quilt.
 To make the big announcement, she had a big giveaway and I was 1 of 4 lucky winners of the Mimosa fabric collection! I got to choose which colorway I wanted and I chose  Pomegranate Mimosa  because I ate my first pomegranate the other day. Isn't my new fabric beautiful ! 
 It shipped directly from the Fat Quarter Shop
 I'm lucky enough to live in the same state as they are in, so everything I get from them arrives here the next day ! 

This card was in the package with the fabric. Are you planning on participating ? I think I will !
Click on the picture for information about it.  
Thank you Thearica! Thank you Fat Quarter Shop !

Monday, December 15, 2014

Grand illusion Clue 3

Only 50 more to go and I'll be caught up again. 
Easy Week !

Friday, December 12, 2014


 I said in yesterdays post that I was going to get clues 1 & 2 FINISHED or BUST.
Well hallelujah, I don't have to BUST ! I finished about 6:30 last evening. 
Bonnie posts the clues every Friday morning. All I have to do is wait a few more hours for clue #3.
I made my double diamond units doing Bonnie's **Alternate Method** (The no triangle method).
Doing it that way, you get bonus triangles...I think I have right around 400 of those little beauties, that's what's in the bowl. 

I placed an order from Superior Thread a few months ago and I ordered this by accident. When my order arrived I was really disappointed. But, I decided to keep it and try it.
 What a delightful surprise ! This thread actually disappears into the fabric, which helps your seams to lay flatter. With all the seams that are in the Grand Illusion Mystery Quilt, a person needs a  fine thread.
Give it a's wonderful !

Thursday, December 11, 2014


My Littlest Cowboy isn't here today so I plan on catching up on the Grand Illusion 
I decided to take a break from it and write a post about other blocks I've been making.
I hadn't realized until I started writing that two of my SAL's are about women. 
Farmer's Wife and Women of the Bible. 
Even though the Farmers Wife isn't one of my favorite SAL's, I'm doing it and keeping up pretty good. I thought I would show them to you since I always enjoy when Colette shows her's on her blog, so why not !
 Steak of Lightning 
 Grape Basket
 Single Wedding Star (that seems like an oxymoron)
 Friendship Block
Star Gardener

While visiting Cindy @ Daisy Days during a recent blog hop, I noticed she was doing some blocks called "Women of the Bible".  So I followed her link to Little Quilts
This is a FREE  pattern series that will introduce you to the Women of the Bible through individual quilt blocks. Each pattern begins with historical references and devotional reflection.

 I missed blocks 1 & 2, but I'l get them from Doniene  later.

I'm using Edyta Sitar's Jelly Bean fabric which I love with a purple passion ! 
Block 3: Sarah
 Block 4:Noah's Wife
 Block 5: Hagar
 Block 6: Jezebel
 Block 7: Rebekah
 Block 8: Ruth

I downloaded blocks 9 & 10 last night.
Now, back to the GI
God bless you. 

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Grand illusion Progress

I'm still plugging away at my Grand Illusion quilt. I lack sewing up 50 of the four patch blocks and cutting out and sewing  100 of the other blocks.
Along with Pat Sloan's One for You & One for Me fabric, I'm also using a couple of fabrics from Adorn-it Chamberry collection, Bobbins and Bits, April Showers, and WISHES.
I ran out of the Wishes (the low volume) and haven't decided what I'll use to cut out the other 100 blocks....decisions.....decisions !
I've also run out of the Chamberry. I'm replacing that with gray and white polka dot.
I'm definitely having some fun with this ! I get some sewing in during The Little Cowboy's nap time and in the evenings. How about you ? Are you having fun with this mystery too ?
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