Thursday, September 11, 2014

What We Did This Summer

It's September hop time and I'm sew happy to see everyone visiting each others blogs.
 Thanks to Madame Samm and Shari, our Cheerleader extraordinaire of  Living with Purpose 
for their work getting it all together ! 
Shari has been such an inspiration  and a great campaigner for 
RBD gingham all summer long ! 
One of the things I made this summer, 
was this quilt using a new pattern by Amy, of Sew Incredibly Crazy
 I was lucky enough to be chosen to test her new Watkins Star pattern. 
 Check out the link above, or THIS ONE, which shows the first Watkins Star I made. 
 THIS LINK shows more quilts, made by other pattern testers. 
You can purchase Amy's pattern  HERE!
I love vintage cowgirls 
When I saw a fabric panel called "Cowgirl Attitude" I knew I had scored !
I had to get it !
But of course, when I bought it I had no idea what I was going to do with it !
Who does that ? wink

 Here's a full shot for ya. This is a family quilt.
The 2 appliqued stars at top represent Ranchman and myself, the 4 in the middle represent
 our 2 kids and their spouses, and our 5 grandchildren at the bottom.
 The other thing that makes this quilt unique to Vickie,
is quilting our brand, the Stair-Step M into it. 
Since almost everything around here has a brand on it...... 
The pickup's....... somebody needs to write "wash me".
 The cattle trailers .....
The fireplace .......
 Ranchman's shower wall..... 
Shirts and belt buckles.......
 OH Ya ! the COWS........
I thought this quilt ought to have it too !
See  the buttons? Those are buffalo nickel buttons that I've had for a long time.
 They just seem to fit this quilt....While I was making it I sang ......
 "Buffalo gals, won't you come out tonight, come out tonight, come out tonight.
Buffalo gals won't you come out tonight, and dance by the light of the moon." 
My next project was to finish up this wall hanging I started in July.
 I drove up to Abilene to take a class from Pat Sloan with members of the Abilene Quilt Guild.
You can read about it  HERE and see what the "not so pretty" pieced background looked like
 when I finished that day, What was I thinking !  
I was determined not to let my choice of fabrics discourage mee, no sir-ree !
So I decided I would challenge myself and finish it without changing any of the background.
I 'm very pleased with how it turned out !
 All the applique fabrics are Kona solids. I used shades of orange for the flowers to give it continuity. The reason I wanted  purple for the background  was to match my Mom's bedspread.
She will enjoy looking at the bright, happy colors when the cold weather and snow blow in
 South Dakota this winter.
Last but not least..... the gingham project !
My local quilt guild  makes CPS bags (Child Protective Service) . 
Guild members make  bags that are given to the local CPS office for distribution to children taken into custody.  Children of all ages use the bags for their personal possessions. We make the bags with pretty fabrics so that it might help brighten their spirits in a sad situation.
 I thought the happy print of gingham would be perfect for that. 

The little sticker on the bottom corner of the bag is one I made on my computer.   
 I believe, that when people feel they've lost everything in the world that matters to them, they need to know that they can turn to the One who heals hurts, 
who heals  hearts, the One who loves us, Christ Jesus.  
Be sure to go visit the other wonderful blogs, 
so you can see....
"What they did this summer" !
Friday, September 12
Sew Peace to Peace

                                More Stars in Comanche   You are here with me      
 Living With Purpose
Have a happy day. God bless you. 

Monday, September 8, 2014

Ranch Monday

Always giving thanks to God the Father for everything, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.
Ephesians 5:20

Friday, September 5, 2014

My Friend Eva

A package arrived this week from across the deep blue water.. the Czech Republic.
 My sweet friend Eva made my new grandson a pair of booties. 
 When I think about her, the words "pure of heart" come to mind.
 Eva emailed me several years ago after reading a post on my blog, and we quickly became friends.  I had to chuckle....there was a cake sticker on the package she sent.
 I think our last name over there means, "cake".
 Ranchman's grandparents were born in neighboring Poland. Ranchman is 1/2 Polish, so our son is 1/4 Polish....his wife is 1/4 that makes the Lil Cowboy Polish... 
What a fitting gift for a Lil Cowboy, boots from the country of his ancestors.  
I don't know a thing about this kind of hand work, so I do not know if Eva crocheted  or knitted these. But, I do know sweetness is added to every single stitch.
Aren't they beautiful ! 

This is another example of Eva's beautiful work. She sent me these soon after we became friends. I keep them neatly folded in my china cabinet where I admire them often through the glass.
Thank you Eva, for your wonderful gift and sweet friendship.
I hope your checking out all the wonderful things that were made by the blog hop participants over the summer. I will be posting what I made next Friday the 12th. 
God bless you.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Meals at Grandma's House

When I got home from my quilt retreat I had a package in the mail from  my friend,
She made our new little cowboy some cowboy bibs. Carla you are such a sweet person and this gift means the world to me. She said I could take them to his house or keep them at mine....
I'm keeping them at mine and I'll think of her every time Cowboy Kole puts one on. 
Did you notice the "Star" and "Boot" she appliqued on them ?

Carla said, He can keep his little britches clean when he eats at grandma's house and I won't have to tie a bandanna around his neck. I didn't have one bib in this house, so it was the perfect gift for Grandma's house !

I wish you would just look how cute it was, all tie up with a bandanna ribbon and a tag that I'll have to keep on my sewing room bulletin board, because it's so darn cute too !

   Have a very blessed day and hug a friend.
Warning : If you hug Carla, she will giggle !

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

More Stars

 You see before you 92 Lemoyne Stars- (80)- 4" and (12)- 12"
that were made useing the Rapid Fire Lemoyne Star ruler, which makes this task VERY easy.
Angela from Quilts With a Heart had the annual summer retreat at the
 Cimarron Ranch in Marble Falls,Texas.
What fun we had sewing, laughing, eating and staying up too late.
Many, many stars were made during the weekend.... 
You could possibly be seeing more of them from me in other projects.
  I love them !
I got some great fabric in the quilt shop, there on the ranch..
I had to walk through it on my way to bed every night  morning...
Boy oh boy, that was just terrible  ;0)  wink

 Isn't this sweet ! Kim Diehl's, Vintage Farmhouse.

 I found this pretty little bunch of fat quarters all tied up in twine, Shenandoah Valley by Nancy Gere
Why I bought purple..... not a clue ! BuT I LIKE it !

And Mill Brook Series Circa 1852 by Howard Marcus
I bought this with the Farmers Wife blocks in mind.

We'll be back to blog hopping soon....I have certainly missed the hops. 
I'm excited to see what everyone has made ! ...How about you ?
Have a very blessed day today.