Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Tree Bird Hop

Welcome everybody! 
Haven't you enjoyed this hop and all the wonderful ideas from each blog!
When Madam Samm told us about it and showed Tracy Lizotte's bird fabric, I knew I wanted to participate, because it completely reminded me of my precious little Mama.  She's always loved feeding and watching birds. 
I ordered Tracy's fabric, then tried to figure out what to make with it.
I finally decided on a sampler quilt.
 After making some blocks, I got to thinking, she really doesn't NEED a quilt because she got several new fuzzy blankets from other family members for Christmas last year.
 Halt production ! 
So now....what to make? Her retirement home room is about a 12' x 12' space and jam packed with all the things that are special to her. What could mom actually use?
She isn't able to get around very good these days because of serious back issues she had about 10 years ago. Her activities are limited, so she spends much of her time in her chair watching the birds, reading books and her mail.
 I remembered the last time I visited her in South Dakota, her mail was laying around the room in several different places.  So this is what I came up with.....
A place to put her mail, pens, phone, glasses, or books, right over the arm of her chair. 
It's longer on this side to hold the letters up in place.
and shorter on the inside so it won't get in her way.
 I'll give this to her when we go up to SD for her birthday celebration of
And speaking of tree birds.....
I told Ranchman a white ring-neck dove was eating the chicken feed....he said (and I quote)
 "Vickie, we don't have any white dove around here, it was probably just the way the light was shining on it".
really !
A special thanks to Lana for doing a  great job as cheerleader. 
Thursday March 19
                          More Stars in Comanche     You're here! 

Have a very blessed day!

Monday, March 16, 2015

Oh Deer

I have a new love....collage quilts !
I've been following the fabulous work of Leslie McNeil from Marveles Art Studio
When I saw the collage quilts she was making...
MY HEART BEGAN TO SING! and I HAD to make one too !
Without a second thought I ordered the pattern and kit by Laura Heine  of Fiberworks in Billings, Montana. I'm usually not much on ordering kits, but I don't have many floral fabrics, so I thought the kit would work best for me.
 Now, I am constantly searching for floral fabrics on line and in stores. 
The basic process is to fuse your fabric on Lite Steam a Seam 2, then cut your flowers out.
  This product works great because when you peel the paper off it's sticky on the back and your pieces will stay in place while you step back and look at your work (exactly why I finally made myself a design wall, see a previous post) You can move it around until you get the placement like you want it, then you heat set it, and quilt the dickens out of it.

The entire time I worked on this quilt I sang "As The Deer" based off Psalm 42:1 
a song I love! and I loved making this quilt !

I hope you'll go check out Leslie's blog. She's giving away a pattern of her own making....Izaak the Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep ! 

Be blessed this week !

Thursday, March 12, 2015

FWFS Mug Rug Swap

Back in February, Fort Worth Fabric Studio announced sign ups for a mug rug swap and I jumped in feet first !  Miss Lindsey assigned us our swap partners.
 I was assign to make a mug rug for Trina in Winnipeg, Manitoba. 
Last I checked Trina, yours is still at customs on the Canadian border.
 I do hope they release it soon and send it on to you. 
Unfortunately, you never know how long it will take to send a package international.
However, I did get mine, from Georgia....from Alyson. She made me a "hexie" mug rug !
 I have never made a hexie anything that I can recall. 
 I am so appreciative of it my dear :)   (big smile) 
 Not only did Alyson send me a happy hexie mug rug, she sent me some 30's Playtime Moda Candies( I can make another mug rug!), some red rick rack (red is my favorite color), and a beautiful fat quarter that is going to come in "sew"   handy in my new quilting endeavor !

Thank you Alyson for your talent, time and thought that went into my lovely gifts !
Thank you for the time and work you put into this swap Lindsey !
I hope it's looking like SPRING where you live.... It's a time for the beautiful new beginning of the art palette God has given blessed by it !

Friday, March 6, 2015

Design Board

I waited WAY too long to put up a design board..... 
......... in my smallish sewing space.

Have a fabulous weekend...I'll be busy playing around on my design wall !
God bless you

Sunday, February 22, 2015

QuiltCon 2015

I got to go to QuiltCon ! Yippee !
I had been looking soooo forward to it....woke up Friday morning at 3:00 am....
sore throat, feeling rather crappy ! Going anyhow ! 
2 car loads of us drove to Leander, Texas and got on the Austin MetroRail to downtown.
It dropped us off right in the door of the Austin Convention Center. 
My first time to ever ride a train !....To my first ever modern quilt show !
Awesome !
I'll just show you a couple of my favorite quilts. QuiltCon quilts will probably be posted all over the internet for a while so you'll get to see what was there without me showing you all of my pictures.
 Lost and Found in Translation by Victoria Findlay Wolfe
It was probably my favorite of all. I sat in on one of her lectures about curved piecing and learned several tips that make it easy.  I missed her new book signing (waiting to be seated at a Mexican restaurant) so I'll have to order one, not because I have plans to make a double wedding ring any time soon, I just really like her style.
 Loved this one ! 
Forgot to take a picture of who made it.
I found the owner of this quilt while reading blogs: The Quilting Edge 

 Face #1 by Melissa Avenrinos
It won a Judge's choice ribbon. 

My friend Angela and I with sweet Jenny. 
Riding the train back to Leander. I was  ready to go home.
Next quilt show....Dallas Quilt Celebration !
I'll be there Friday, March 13th.
Be blessed today.