Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Ranch Monday

Yep, it's Tuesday and I'm doing "Ranch Monday" !
 Oh well, you'll see I've been busy as a Grandma/Quilter/Photographer .
Things in Comanche County are all about Grandkids these days. 
Two granddaughters stayed with us this summer, and now the focus is on that little guy that's still baking in the picture below. His ETA (estimated time of arrival) is August 10th.

I took the official pregnancy photos last Sunday...before time runs out !
These are just a couple of my favorites, (I took over 200).

 Daddy, Baby, Mama

His boots are here, so that means they're all ready for him.
Little Cowboys gotta have they're boots you know...The first pair of MANY !
  This is what I've been busy with....making Kole's quilt for the twin size bed in his nursery. I made his baby quilt a few months ago....(which I don't have a picture of at the moment, I'll wait till he's in it to show that). The baby quilt is the same fabrics as the twin, different design. 
I used Maureen Cracknell's "quilt as you go" herringbone quilt tutorial.

This shows the details of the quilting....you make it in panels, then sew it together after you quilt it....
YaHOO, my points matched up !

 Scrappy back and a little note to my grandson on the quilt label.

 I love this picture...the quilt is sitting on the tailgate of my grandpa's model T pickup. Years ago my Daddy took me out to the old home place where he grew up, and there it was laying there...SCORE !
You know, when you're son is having a boy, so much of the emphasis is put on a the male paternal side of the family....5th generation Mazurek, but there's a 5th generation female paternal side to that too. 

 My Grandpa
 My Daddy


My Son
and Grandson, see you soon little buddy !
Have a blessed day.

Sew Fresh Quilts
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Here's a picture of little baby quilt....
on his cowhide rug.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Wild Ranch Monday

 This past Monday, this ranch girl, went to Abilene,Texas, to do Pat Sloan's "Wild and Free" Workshop  with the Abilene Quilter's Guild . 
 It said wild, so I did WILD ! Well, wild for me anyway. The wall hanging behind us is the one we made... of course I still have to put all the applique on it, where and how........ well, I haven't quit got that part figured out yet.......BUT I WILL ! 
It was a fun thing to go and do...all by myself. I got up very early and drove 80 miles to walk into a room full of women I didn't know, with the exception of two slight acquaintances.
 That's called "wanting to do something bad enough to FACE YOUR FEARS ".  I might come across as outgoing, but I really am pretty shy. 

The workshop was over at 3:00 in the afternoon, so I had to hang out in Abilene for 4 hours until the lecture started at 7:00 that night..............so I went shopping (darn the bad luck ) wink.
My friends, Sherri and Angela drove up that night for the lecture.
Pat is a very nice, personable lady and I totally enjoyed meeting her and listening to her expert advice.

Side note: I took my workshop piece to my guild meeting yesterday for "show & tell" and they looked at it much like this .....

Have a blessed day !


Saturday, July 12, 2014

Corgi Love

The Ranch Patrol and I have a mutual admiration society.
My granddaughter said a very profound thing about our pets,

"You are not Part of  their world....you ARE their world". 
Have you hugged your puppy today ?

God bless you

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Skimming the Highlights

I am one busy gal these days...trying to get all the sewing done for baby Kole's room and my garden is producing like crazy. I shelled black-eyed peas last night until 11:30. I like to pick them one day and shell them the next, that way they are easier to shell. BUT, if I wait any longer than a day, they get mushy...so I had to get it done. 1 gallon shelled and ready to can. 
So, today I'm going to skim the highlights of my South Dakota trip. 

We go right through the middle of Kansas on our way up, so I stopped to meet the nicest person in Kansas, 

Carla of Creatin in the Sticks !
Oh my gosh , the second we laid eyes on each other we started giggling and didn't stop until Ranchman and I drove away ! We got to Garden City much earlier than we thought we would and Carla still had 3 hours before she got off work, so sadly we only got to visit for 20 or 30 minutes. 
You know how when you meet someone and you just click...we did ! She is so sweet and so pretty !
We decided we would drive on to McCook, Nebraska and stay there for the night....WRONG !
They had a golf tournament going on in that town and there was not a motel to be found, so we drove on to North Platte, NE. That made for a 14 hour day of driving.......UGH !
 But the up side to that was it was only 6 hours from our destination !

I was SO happy to see the birthday girl !
I took some of my quilts to show my Mama. She sees pictures of them, but that's nothing like actually seeing and touching them. Here, I'm explaining something about the Butter & Marmalade quilt to her....
She says uh a lot, like she can't hear....but she didn't say uh one time while we were talking about the quilts! 
She was totally captivated with the process.   
Of course my Mother is proud of me....after all, I'm her baby girl !
There's way more to tell about the trip....but I must get on out to the garden before it heats up any more !
Have a very blessed day. 
By Carla

Monday, June 30, 2014

Ranch Monday

Guess what I'm doing on the ranch today .......

When we got home from South Dakota last Wednesday this is what I found.... Peaches, peaches, peaches !
My goodness how they grew in only 1 week. There is another big pan full inside the house. Since they are already pretty ripe, I'm going to freeze them for pies, cobblers, smoothies and ice cream.
 I think if I were to can them they would be too mushy.
This little ole tree is about to break from all the peaches.................and

.............this one only has 5 on it.
 The buds froze last March....we had  nice warm weather, then a week of freezing cold came through. 
Why it got this tree and not the other.... is anybody's guess. 

 My black eyed peas are coming on and I should be able to pick at the end of the week. I'll be canning these. In the front is okra, then green beans, then black eyes.

 I have another row of black eyes way over on the other side of the garden. I split them up this year because they tend to spread and grow together....and I'm afraid to get in there and pick them....
snakes love shady wet places !
Since Ranchman killed a baby copperhead last week in the back yard, I'll have to be extra careful in the garden. I had just been mowing grass where he found it ! 
Thank you once again Lord Jesus for watching out for me.
You can read about one of my other snake experiences HERE 

 My Daughter -in - law had the Comanche baby shower last Saturday.
So now I think baby Kole has just about everything he needs when he arrives.

I'm making her a baby shower memory quilt.
The guests that came to the shower signed their name on a star....I will applique those on. 
They do these kind of memory quilts at weddings....so I thought ....why not a baby shower ?

 I  don't have my camera back from South Dakota yet....when I get it....I'll tell you all about our trip !
I'm off to put up peaches !
Have a beautiful day and God bless you.