Sunday, January 18, 2015

Selfie of Sorts

By the time I finished with the 3000 and 25 seams,(or something like that)...
from the Grand ILLusion Mystery, I was seams weary.
(Nothing against Bonnie, love her and her quilts are wonderful)
I decided to make a self portrait of how I felt about seams with the some of the left-over GIM fabrics.  
I call it "Lions and Tigers and Seams"
Have a blessed day !

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Monday, January 12, 2015

I just want to celebrate !

I danced out of my sewing room, quilt in hand... singing to Ranchman !

I just want to celebrate another day of sewing
Oh, I just want to celebrate another day of fun

Don't let this big thing get you down, 
Don't let it turn you around and round,
Oh, I just want to celebrate...celebrate
Because the Grand Illusion mystery quilt  is finished!

This is a very big quilt with 3000 and 25 seams, or something like that.
 I'm kidding, I have no idea how many, but it's A-LOT.
You might have noticed my outside border is different.
I turned it the opposite direction because I simply like it better this way.
  I'm thinking I'll bind it with the gray polka dot. 

I'll be showing it to my quilt guild next week, then it's off to Angela .

I'm finished and happy with it.
Yes it's true, I just want to celebrate !

Have a wonderful week, God bless you.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Grand Illusion Progress

Slowly I'm getting my GIM put together. 15 blocks made and one row complete.
It's colorful and it's okay.  

I should have gathered my fabrics together, taken a picture and looked at it in gray scale....
 before I started cutting. 
 In my opinion, my fabrics are too close in value.

 However, just like I encouraged another mystery maker on Quiltville's Open Studio Facebook page, "When it's all put together it will be just fine." 

Have you joined in some other QAL's ? 
If you have, I would love to know what they are so I can check them out !
I'll be linking this post up with Quiltville's Mystery Monday linkup 
There, you can look and see how other peoples quilts are turning out.
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Have a very blessed week !

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The Gift of a Smile

Have you ever seen somebody get the gift of a quilt and NOT smile ?
Me either !
I gave away 5 quilts this Christmas. 
Two went to my DIL's sister who just had preemie twin girls that weighed 4 pounds and are doing great !
 One to a man that I admire, respect, trust and love with all of my heart.....
My big brother. 

 One, I talked about HERE ,  to my DIL's youngest sister, and one to my oldest sister. 
She hasn't gotten it yet....she was in Amsterdam with her daughter for Christmas. 
When she gets hers, all my siblings will have one of my quilts.

What's the best gift a quilter could ever get ?
May your New Year be Happy, Healthy and abundantly Blessed.

Friday, December 26, 2014

Still Christmas Sewing

We haven't had our family Christmas yet, because Ranchman had the terrible, awful, really bad flue ! We didn't want the kids to catch it, so we put things off until Sunday. Nope...I didn't get it... I bleached and sterilized everything and slept in another bedroom so I wouldn't breath any of his air. 
He's much better today....Thank goodness ! 
I thought I was completely ready for Christmas, but this morning I realized I had a problem !
I didn't have a gift for my DIL's younger sister. She house sits for us and takes care of "The Ranch Patrol" when we go out of town, plus she's an all round good girl who needs a good gift. I pieced this quilt to give her when she graduates college. Since it was already pieced and hanging in the closet, I decided to go ahead.... finish it, and give it to her for Christmas.  
The pattern is Boxy Stars that I found on Quiltville's free patterns. 
Within a couple of hours I quilted and bound it...put a label on it ....problem solved !
 I've worked on a few more Women of the Bible blocks.
This one is called "Eve".
" Rachel"  
The fabric is my favorite of all time...Jelly Bean by Edyta Sitar.
The Grand Illusion Mystery quilt clue 5 came out his morning. It was fast and easy.
 These are all of mine so far. I wasn't going for scrappy in the beginning, but sometimes your just forced to if you don't want to buy more fabric. The only constants are the orange,which I subbed for Bonnie's pink, and the yellow. 
I was concerned about my fabric choices at first, but not now. I really like how it's looking.
Do you like how yours looks so far? 
I would like to wish each of you a Happy, Healthy and Wonderful New Year full of blessings.
God bless you.