Friday, February 5, 2016

Texas Flag

This is a wall hanging I made for Ranchman's cousin for Christmas....(about the last thing I sewed on recently). They built an outdoor kitchen from reclaimed barn-wood and I thought this would look pretty cool out there. It's from a pattern I can't locate at the moment.
 There are similar ones on Pinterest.
 I shrunk it from the original pattern which was something like 65" x 80"
  down to 36" x 45".  
May God bless you with health, happiness and a passion for Him.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Saying Googbye and New Beginnings

Hey Ya'll !
Lots of things have happened here at More Stars in Comanche. 

Smokey Joe the Night Patrol passed away last fall. We think he followed me and the other "Ranch Patrol" members one day on our morning walk and probably took a short cut through the trees and under-brush. He was probably bitten by a copper head snake. I found him laying in the road late the same evening. He is very missed and there are no plans to to find a replacement for him, as no cat could ever fill his place on this ranch. I don't miss the rats from the barn on my doorstep or the rabbits and birds he would bring us to show his appreciation, but I sure miss him. Smokey Joe was 12 + years old. 

Something New from Something Old
 We didn't have a garden last year, but we certainly are this year! Bermuda grass began taking my garden over several years ago. I fought it hard by hoeing and pulling and tilling until I lost that battle. Ranchman wanted to put roundup on way was I going to let that happen. So this year it's raised beds. We had enough old leaking water troughs  around the places where we have cattle to get a good start on the raised beds.
 Ranchman got his blow torch after the bottoms of them for better drainage....
He gave one of them a blessing ! I love that guy!   
 So this is the new beginning in the garden. Here in Texas
black-eyed peas and okra are must haves....they will have to go in the ground where the bermuda isn't so thick. It's my intention to show you pictures of the garden progress. 
 The "Ranch Patrol" had their 2nd and final litter of pups the Saturday after Thanksgiving....
6 little angels this time ! We decided to keep one....
Here she is, Baby Bella Buttons, our other "new beginning". 
I know! You can hardly contain yourself because of cuteness overload looking at you with those expressive precious eyes!
She will be part of the Ranch Patrol, so she'll be getting an official "Ranch Patrol" title.

Until next time my friends... May God bless you beyond measure with health, happiness, and a passion for Him.


Saturday, January 2, 2016

Quilts for Kye

Merry Christmas week to you !
I was counting quilts the other day and realized I have over 75 quilts, wall hangings and other quilt related items in my house. Who needs that many? ! 
Why not do something with them that would benefit someone else...
like this 19 month old baby boy.
 Kye and Keelee Carrillo were born on April 25, 2014. However, Kye was born with a congenital heart defect which was successfully repaired at 3 months old with open heart surgery ....
but now, this precious child has been diagnosed with liver cancer and needs a liver transplant. 
He was diagnosed right after Thanksgiving this year and has had already had his first chemo treatment. The family is from Abilene, Texas and Kye and his Mommy are in the hospital in Dallas.
Over 190 miles away from Dad and the 3 other children.

So, I decided to sell some of my quilts and art collage quilts to help this family out. You can read more about Kye and his family by clicking on Kye's Cancer Kicking Fund

$140.00 Sold Thank you LinDee

100% of every sale (less shipping costs) will go to Kye. 

If you have questions or would like more pictures or are interested in purchasing any of my quilts,
Post a comment below or you can private message me on my Facebook page by 
clicking this link:  More Stars in Comanche  
 I can generate a Paypal invoice for you or make other arrangements if necessary. 

Deer Spirit 
This deer wall hanging is made a bit different than the collage quilts, but just as effective.
 Size approximately 22" x 25"  with sleeve on back for easy hanging.
$95.00 Sold Thank you Elizabeth

Collage Art For You Dear/Deer
 Size 21" x 22"  with hanging sleeve

Feathered Heart
I made this art collage quilt by meticulously cutting out more than 25 different flowers from various fabrics and precisely placing them to create this one of a kind art wall hanging. It features an echoed rain drop quilted motif with some blingy thread for fun. It has a sleeve on the back for easy hanging. Size 16" x 18" 

Blingy Heart
This art collage quilt is also made by meticulously cutting out more than 30 different flowers from various fabrics and precisely placing them to create this one of a kind art wall hanging. It features a text background and is quilted with blingy thread for fun. It has a sleeve on the back for easy hanging. Size 15" x 16" 

Radiant cross collage wall hanging, approx 14" x 19". Made of over 20 hand cut flowers of various fabrics and then densely quilted.
 $45.00 Sold Thank you Traci

Prairie Rose
I finished this in September this year . It measures 98" x 98" 
 Pieced and hand bound by me, Quilted by Angela McCorkle of Quilts With a Heart
 This shows her wonderful quilting

 Mystery Quilt challenge I participated in with Bonnie Hunter this year.
86" x88"

78" x 79" 

Cowgirl Quilt
This one has been on a guest bed and has been washed, so it has that comfy feel. 
It fits a twin bed, has 2 matching ruffled pillow cases, 1 decorative pillow and 4 window panels w/2 valances go with it.  

As the Deer
40" x 42" more pictures and information HERE
w/hanging sleeve.

 Drunkard's Path Pattern
Twin or fun lap quilt
Size 71" x 71" 

  Right Brain
I made this quilt and the one below from left over pieces from the quilt above
 This one features decorative machine stitches and circular quilting. w/hanging sleeve.
47" x 47"

Left Brain
This one features yo yo's and antique buttons with modern straight line quilting.
 w/ sleeve for hanging
41" x 42"

All prices include USPS shipping within the United States. 
I will ship international as well....but, we will have to take a look at that cost.

You can follow Kye's journey by going to  Kye's Krew Facebook page
His mommy Sherree posts updates and pictures everyday.��

Thank you for taking a look at the quilts and helping this precious baby boy.....

God bless you

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Acts of Kindness

 Hi Y'all ! 
This is a "Ranch Patrol" post of sorts. 
Lots of things have been happening with them.
 As you can see, the Ranch Nuisance had her 2nd litter of puppies. This time she had all black and white babies....5 girls and 1 boy. She is such a good Mama. That many is hard on her and selling the puppies is hard on this is the last litter. I will have her spayed after her milk dries up. 
The "Ranch Foreman" has already undergone his part of my plan......He was neutered last week....
which brings me to the heart wall hanging.

 There is a vet tech at the clinic who knows my dogs by name and asks about them when you see her at the grocery store....etc. I took the Ranch Foreman in for his procedure, and had to leave him there for the day. This lady, (Crystal) just makes you feel at ease and is so sweet and kind to the animals. 
The Lord put it on my heart that morning, that Crystal needed a "pick-me-up". So after I got home, I spent the day making her the wall hanging. 
The background fabric is Art Gallery Indian Summer Menagerie by Sarah Watson. I thought it was perfect and represented the spirits of all the little animals Crystal has been so kind to. 
The deer in the heart comes from Utopia Dreamlandia by Frances Newcombe.... the arrow represents how it must hurt her heart when an animal is so sick or has to be put down.
 The purple fabric is a Cotton and Steele ....I think, I'm just not sure.
Anyhow, when I went to pick up my Ranch Foreman that evening, I told Crystal that the Lord put it on my heart to make this, that she needed a little pick-me-up. 
She said it had been a hard day for her because her Mom had her first chemo treatment that day and she was feeling down because she couldn't be with her. 

Thank you Crystal, for For Your Acts of Kindness to our beloved animals. 
May the gracious and loving God in heaven bless you this day.

Thursday, November 26, 2015

A Few Recent Finishes

 This St. Bernard is a commissioned piece I just finished from a pattern I designed.  
 My oldest granddaughter drew this deer for me. The horns are just small bits and pieces of fabric that are left over from cutting out flowers.
It's for sale.

Another you see the tiger hiding in there some where? 

 A lady at bible study got that batik fabric at a gift exchange we do each month for birthday celebrations. She's not a quilter, so I told her that if she would give me the fat quarter I would make something and bring it back to her......she was thrilled with the cross. 
This picture was taken before the binding was sewn down.
 I gave it to my brother for his 70th birthday.
Matthew 19:26
The story behind the flying pig is: when he was a teenager our pigs got out and went to the neighbors house several miles away. Dad told him to go get them and the neighbor wasn't very nice about it. My brother being a little upset was driving pretty fast on the dirt road when the old homemade trailer came off the ball and the nose of it drove down in the gravel catapulting the pigs into the air. My brother  said he looked up and pigs were flying over the cab of the pickup ! They landed in the ditch and were all knocked out. Harlan said he thought "boy am I in trouble all the pigs look dead"! He said here in a minute he could hear grunting.....they all jumped up and ran straight home!  
I love that story....when he tells it I laugh so hard I can't breathe !
 So I always give him some sort of flying pig for special occasions. 
And a traditional quilt finish, measuring 98" x 98" generous queen size.
This one is for sale too.
Thanks for stopping by.
Happy Thanksgiving, God bless you.