Thursday, December 11, 2014


Today I plan on catching up on the Grand Illusion 
I decided to take a break from it and write a post about other blocks I've been making.
I hadn't realized until I started writing that two of my SAL's are about women. 
Farmer's Wife and Women of the Bible. 
Even though the Farmers Wife isn't one of my favorite SAL's, I'm doing it and keeping up pretty good. I thought I would show them to you since I always enjoy when Colette shows her's on her blog, so why not !
 Steak of Lightning 
 Grape Basket
 Single Wedding Star (that seems like an oxymoron)
 Friendship Block
Star Gardener

While visiting Cindy @ Daisy Days during a recent blog hop, I noticed she was doing some blocks called "Women of the Bible".  So I followed her link to Little Quilts
This is a FREE  pattern series that will introduce you to the Women of the Bible through individual quilt blocks. Each pattern begins with historical references and devotional reflection.

 I missed blocks 1 & 2, but I'l get them from Doniene  later.
I'm using Edyta Sitar's Jelly Bean fabric which I love with a purple passion ! 
Block 3: Sarah
 Block 4:Noah's Wife
 Block 5: Hagar
 Block 6: Jezebel
 Block 7: Rebekah
 Block 8: Ruth

I downloaded blocks 9 & 10 last night.
Now, back to the GI
God bless you. 


Jeanie said...

Your blocks are looking great! I've done (OK..started) a WOB series before and I just signed up for this one too. Even though I didn't make all of the blocks, I enjoyed reading about the ladies. I also have the Farmers Wife book and haven't done anything with it either. (I did read the little stories.) Do you see a pattern here?! Whether I complete these things or not, I feel like I get lots of inspiration... that way I'm not too hard on myself. Looking forward to your future blocks. said...

Your farmer's wife blocks are looking beautiful. Also you Women of the Bible. I have seen those on other blogs, but aren't they teeny tiny like 3 1/2 inches. But your blocks are gorgeous.

Thearica said...

I bought the Farmer's Wife book and fabric but have never started. I had actually thought about doing it as a SAL on my blog but never got it going. That was... how many years ago... And then I bought another book for a series of similar blocks... and cannot remember the title of it. Good intentions, just have never put them in motion.

Love the fabrics you are using for both quilts.

Rachaeldaisy said...

Wow to all your blocks! They're looking wonderful! The FW ones look great next to their pictures in the books. I really like the idea of the women of the Bible blocks. It's a shame Noah's wife isn't known by her name.