Monday, June 2, 2014

Ranch Monday

This windmill is a big turning flower, turning air into power.

Tip for today:
Never kiss a cactus.
Have a blessed Monday.


Scrapatches said...

What a great photo of the windmill in the sky! Looking forward to your picnic ... :) Pat

Doniene said...

I'm totally amazed at all the blog hops you do!! Can't wait to see yours!!

How much rain? We got 7.1 and we're still doing a jig! The tank ran around and the ground is green!!

Blessings and hugs!

Rachaeldaisy said...

LOL!! That is the funniest tip ever, but very handy! A picnic theme is such a good one. I know there'll lots of great creations. I'll be looking out for yours on Friday.

Suze said...

If it's as warm and humid in TX as it is in OK, then you'll need that power from air for A/C for sure. We were over 6" behind in average rainfall and we have had rain, rain, rain. Blessings. However, a few have had flooding situations. We are so blessed with beautiful greenery right now. said...

Love the picture of the windmill. I have the tower parts DH bought at a farm auction but a lady outbid him for the mill head. Then she looked at him and asked well are you going to give me the tower. He looked at her and said no. She went off in a huff with a mill head without a tower, and we own a tower and no head.