Monday, May 26, 2014

Ranch Monday

Memorial Day 2014
 I'm sew/so glad you stopped in.
I know, this is supposed to be a quilting blog, but it's also about the things my life revolves around. 
 Ranching is one of those things.
Our blogs reach people from all over the world ( I know, crazy isn't it ! ) and we each lead such different lives. I've become antiquated with people in Australia, Canada, Sweden, all over the United States and all over the world ! I love reading about what you all are sewing, crafting and doing. 
  This is my life in Texas and I'm proud to share it with you on Mondays. 
These pictures are of a place we have over in Coleman County, not to far from Burkett, Texas where my Daddy was born back in June of 1923.
This old barn looks like it was probably built in 1923 too.

This is rough, dry country, full of cactus and mesquite trees.
How do you know when you've met a true Texan ?
When you find one that thinks this 15 mile view is beautiful !
And YES, I DO !

It takes about 30 acres to run each cow in this kind of country.
 Ranchman is an excellent range manager, so  the Coleman cows look fat and healthy......
 Just look at the cute coupons they are having !
Coupons - What Ranchman calls baby calves.
Range manager - regulates grazing to protect grass lands and soil stability

These smokey colored Charlotte cross calves are my favorite.
Is that cute or what ?

Our neighbor in Coleman texted us and said we've had about 5 inches of rain over there since Friday. I can't wait to see how much water this tank/pond has caught. In this picture it's about 12 foot low. 

Cactus don't care how much rain they get, when it's time to bloom, they bloom.

And now for a little bit of craftiness......

Thank you for all your input you gave me when I asked you
 what color you thought I should add to my cross stitch sampler.
Blue AND green are the colors I chose. 
 Little Miss Shabby is the hostess for the cross stitch sampler along and it's not to late to join in. 
So far she has given instructions for 10 blocks. I do mine at night watching TV.

Two more Farmers Wife blocks to mark off the list. WHEW !
 I'm still working on the 4 that have 45 degree cuts.
 This left handed person is having a hard time turning all that 45 degree information around in my head,
 information that a right handed person wrote.
The Picnic hop is coming day is June 6th. I can't wait to see what everyone has made.
We are supposed to photograph our quilts while having a picnic....
I would love to see some faces with those picnic quilts ! How about you ?

The Bloggers quilt Festival is still going on, hop over and vote for your favorite quilts in each category !
My Fonzie #2 is in the art quilt category.
Have a blessed day !


Shari said...

Loving your weekly photo posts. Texas is very beautiful country, and just who would not want to snuggle one of these little coupons?! Your pine tree quilt block is very pretty.

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

San Angelo got between 6-7 inches. Lake Nasworthy is FULL and they are releasing water. Prayers have been answered. Love the blooms on that cactus. That picture made my heart go pitty pat. I'll be in Texas in August, woohoo!

Kath said...

I think you are doing marvellously for a leftie!

Rachaeldaisy said...

I really enjoy your Ranch Mondays. Those little calves are so cute. I was surprise that it takes 30 acres per cow. That would really take managing to move them around regularly. I love seeing your cross stitch, the green and blue look wonderful. Great to see you keeping up with your FW blocks. said...

Oh love the picture with the view which goes on forever, and the cactus flowers are gorgeous. They would make such a pretty quilt. The Charlottes are such pretty cows, love the big soft eyes. Your farmer's wife blocks are lovely.

Carol said...

This was such an enjoyable visit to your place in Texas! Maybe we need to have a "show where you live" day so we can see where some of the wonderful people we hop with live. :0).

Stitches said...

I was so glad to hear that you finally got some rain, the pictures on TV looked very bad, indeed. Cactus flowers always amaze me, they are so beautiful. I have a slideshow of cactus flowers if you are interested, let me know and I will send it to you. It's amazing.

Amy said...

Love to see your Mondays. The calves are just adorable peeking through the trees. Your stitching is coming along beautifully. I can't wait to see your picnic quilt. :)

Quilting Momma said...

I just love reading your blog! It's nice to see the "other" stuff too...the ranching! I laughed at the "coupons". They are so adorable! Being a city girl, it is nice to see something else! We have had so much snow up here in Calgary, that it's nice to dream when I see the ranch! Happy Quilting! Margo

Doris Rice said...

I'm doing some catching up! Haven't been on the computer much with all the graduation festivities and now trying to catch up on customer quilts! Love the ranch tour! You cross stitch is looking lovely. I'm way behind on mine! And speaking of being behind, I'm way, way behind on my Farmer's wives blocks. You're doing a fabulous job! Hope to see you this week at Club Wednesday!

Darren Lanphere said...

I gotta agree, that 15-mile view is a whole lot of gorgeous. You're so blessed to have such an amazing ranch. That's a beautiful close-up of a cactus bloom. Anyway, your craft is amazing as ever. I hope your next project would turn out amazing. Thanks for sharing a slice of your life, with all those pictures! All the best to you!

Darren Lanphere @ Mirr Ranch Group