Monday, May 12, 2014

Ranch Monday

Happy Ranch Monday !
We have alot of good things happening around here !
The 1st thing :
Beautiful wild flowers, I call them God's little kisses. 
These are right here in the trap our house is in.
trap : fenced off 10 acres
The 2nd thing :
 Ranch coupons are popping out everywhere!
ranch coupons : what Ranchman calls baby calves

The 3rd thing :
Amy has been participating in the LMS Quilty Stitches Sampler Along  and I decided to join her.
LMS : Little Miss Shabby 
These are my first two blocks...I might add in a third color to some of the others.
 I'm 7 blocks behind you see... 
What color would you recommend I add ?
I really want your input !

The 4th thing :
I asked these three girls to deliver the news in song.
 They are singing it to the tune of a song in "The Wizard of OZ"...with a TEXAS twist !
Texas Twist : Just put a dang and a YEE HAW on it

And last, but not  least...
The 5th thing :
The winner of 
Star Singles : A very cool thing you get HST's from
HST'S : half square triangles

 Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting  who said...
"Green Acres! Loved that show. I'd be out in the country or at the lake in Texas if I could."
Congratulations  !
I think you're going to love these things !

The 6th thing :
Deborah is showing one of my prayer flags at The Prayer Flag Project
This is a great blog, go check out all the awesome prayer flags over there !
I hope everyone has a blessed day.


Carla said...

I always enjoy Ranch Monday when I come over. Lots of fun things over there and you are so witty with your descriptions. Love it. You know I would add a little country teal, but it's easy to suggest that from over here with out seeing it in Happy Monday!

Amy said...

I absolutely love all your blanket flowers that are trapping you in. We have snow that is trapping us in today. Ugh!!! Loving your little sampler. I say a touch of blue, or another shade of the colors you already have used. Can't wait to see more! Have a super week!

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

I used to love naming the calves on my grandfathers farm, way back when. Of course, a few years later, we were eating them. They made great steaks and burgers! Thanks for the Spinning Stars! I love to make HST's and stars. Thanks! said...

OMG the flowers are gorgeous! I love your cross stitch maybe a buttermilk white/yellow color?

Shari said...

Beautiful flowers...and the cows are really pretty too! Lovely cross-stitch...sorry, no colour suggestions, I have plenty of trouble deciding such matters myself =) I'm happy for you bout the danged dillo! Let the flowers bloom in all safety and beauty, and mama's gardening back be spared! C U nxt wk!

Rachaeldaisy said...

The colour of your stitched blocks is the colour of the beautiful gaillardia flowers in your first photo. I think some fresh green or aqua would be fun colours to add. It's clever leaving it till the blocks are done. The little calves are so cute.

Doniene said...

I smiled the whole way through the post!!! Firewheels, calvikins, Dark blue for LMS, Dead Dillos!, congrats to prize winner! and I'm on my way to view the flag!!


hula-la said...

Your ranch coupons are awesome! Terrific post and congrats on your ribbons! Also, your Prayer Flag is AB FAB...ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS! GREAT JOB! Aloha

Brenda said...

If I were adding another color, I think I'd use a dull yellow gold or a green that I'm trying to think of how to describe. Similar in tone to what you are using, but lighter in value, kind of a yellowy olive crossed with a lighter, slightly grayer green. My description probably doesn't make sense, but I can see it and wish I had a name for it. I need to hit the paint store sample cards!