Monday, May 5, 2014

Ranch Monday

Good Monday to you !
One evening last week, the Ranch Patrol was barking like crazy ! 
So I looked out the window and what did I see....A bunch of feral hogs looking back at me. 
There is never a dull moment in the country !
This picture is only 100 yards away from the house. Nasty looking aren't they !

Texas is over run by wild hogs and let me tell you......You cannot imagine the damage these animals do !
This link,  Texas Parks and Wildlife  video on you-tube, explains the problems Texas has with them. 
In addition to wild feral hogs...Ranchman (my hero) killed another copper head behind the dog house, the armadillo is back, digging in my front flowerbed from time to time, and the coyotes are waking us up in the middle of the night...bating the Ranch Patrol. I pen my dogs up at night for that reason....the coyotes howl trying to get the dogs to come after them, then they attack and kill, then eat the dogs. 
The Ranch Patrol never barks back...
They know what the coyotes are trying to do and understand the danger.
I  love living where I do and I thank God all the time. I wouldn't live anywhere else. 
"Keep Manhattan just give me the country side " (Anybody know where that saying comes from ? )
Hint : It was a TV show that had a pig in it.

Framers Wife update :
I was 17 blocks behind ------ I know, that's scandalous ! 
 I'm caught up now and ready for my Wednesday club meeting this week----Yay ! 
These were the first 5 blocks, and frankly I thought they were boring.Probably why I was procrastinating.  
I got some good advice from Kelly @ Pinkadot Quilts and put in fabrics that I really like and TA-DA !

I was trying to keep it all Midwinter Reds,
but, I really wanted it scrappier, so, I dug around in my stash, and added browns, pinks, golds and
 text fabric (love those).

 Let's see who all can guess the name of the TV show I referred too.
I want to give you something if you answer the question correctly.
Your name will go into a drawing for a package of

I use these in making the Farmers Wife blocks...they are the coolest thing !
You layer two pieces of fabric right sides together, sew on the dotted lines, cut apart on the solid lines, and you have 4- half square triangle units !
Example: the picture above, bottom row, second block, those little bitty half square triangles were made using 1" Star Singles.
I'll mail anywhere, be sure I have an email address if your a no-reply blogger so I can contact you.
Winner will be drawn Sunday on Mother's Day.
  Have a blessed day.


Shari said...

Why dahlin' it is Greenacres of course!

Shari said...

Sorry, but it is such a catchy tune to hum...still do it regulary =)

Denise said...

yep it's Green Acres! I love watching that show when I was younger! Thank you for the giveaway!

barbara woods said...

green acres, thanks

Jennifer Gail said...

Green Acres is the place for me...........Your blocks are really pretty:) Wild hogs are mean and nasty. Be safe

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Green Acres! Loved that show. I'd be out in the country or at the lake in Texas if I could.

Carla said...

I'm always singing that song...Green Acres. RIght now with this miller problem I am having, a vacation with a penthouse view sounds pretty wonderful. I almost went to town last night and got a hotel room. Bed and breakfast in Dodge City would be better than the Miller Motel. ha

Bonnie said...

Green Acres. Actually I saw an episode just yesterday. We have a channel that only shows the old shows. Thanks for the chance to win. I haven't ever seen the Star Singles.

Mdm Samm said...

ohhh heavens Vickie...I think I would die of fright right there and then if I saw a wild hog on my property...we live in the country yes, but I don't think we have the same critters as you do...the most I have to deal with is a bunny or squirrel...yes Texas has everything
now your farmers...welll so pretty and that does not scare me at all...someday I will make one...right before I die...of fright said...

Your farmer's wife blocks are delicious looking. Don't like the feral hogs, Are you allowed to hunt them anytime or can you hunt then whenever you want? And another snake? And the armadillo? The critters are getting out of hand there.

Mary said...

We have feral hogs at our ranch too and they are so destructive!

tpott said...

Green Acres, it was one of my favorite shows, way back when I was younger. When I mow the back yard on the ride on mower, I sing the Green Acres theme song loud and giggle like a crazy person. It makes the time go faster and everyone stays away from me, especially my 14 yr old son (I'm sure I embarrass him). I doubt anyone can hear me, we have a large yard and the mower is louder than I am. The pigs name was Arnold. Thanks for the memories! ;-> Toni Anne

Amy said...

Are you and Carol running a competition of "Look at the Scary Animal in my Yard?" You are ahead by one. We still watch Green Acres, a favorite with the kiddos.

Scrapatches said...

"Green Acres is the place for me ... "
The Farmer's Wife blocks are looking lovely! The feral hogs are not. Sorry you are experiencing some of the lesser pleasures of living in the country. No matter where you are there are troubles and annoyances, so just keep sewing and smiling and enjoying the country life ... :) Pat

Kathleen OGrady said...

Well I remember as a kid watching Green Acres and Petticoat Junction, loved those shows. I also love reading your blog. Your quilting is just beautiful and you always share interesting pictures and stories on it. You really do live in the wild but no doubt it is beautiful. Thanks for sharing!

Brenda said...

I don't think your first five blocks were dull at all. I do like the whole thing as it's coming together. "Dahlin' I love you, but give me Park Avenue." Not really, I'd pick Green Acres myself.

Brenda said...

And now it's going to be your fault if I have that song stuck in my mind all day. If I do, I'll get even. Just wait and see. ROFL

Rachaeldaisy said...

You sure do have a lot of wildlife there in Texas. I love your FW blocks. The original 5 looked great to me but then when you showed the next picture I could see how the extra colours added more interest. I've never heard of Green Acres, maybe it wasn't shown in Australia? I'll google it.

Doris Rice said...

Green Acres is the place to be.... It is beautiful green here in southwest Missouri that's for sure. Did you kill the hogs? I sure hope so! And dang, those snakes are just too close for comfort. In fact, all those creatures are too close for comfort. Would still love the country life even with all the critters tho. Farmer's Wives blocks are looking great. Miss you my friend.

StitchinByTheLake said...

Now I won't be able to get that song out of my head! Greeeen Acres is the place to be! :) Those hogs are scary critters for sure but so is the snake. I suppose there are dangers anywhere we could live but I'd rather the scary things be from nature than from man. :) blessings, marlene

Joan@CopperCreeker said...

Yep :) Green Acres
i've just found your blog from The Prayer Flag blog. look forward to visiting often.