Thursday, January 30, 2014

She Who Sews

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 I have to start this by telling you how much I adore this fabric !
 I ordered mine on line. When it got here, the more I looked at it, the more I liked  it ! 
OK....So, It's here....I like in the world am I going to make with it ?

It has to be something for my sewing room.....but, what do I need ?
 A pin cushion ?, that's not grand enough.... 
A pillow ?....Don't need one in here. 
What's the most important thing in this room ?.... My new Janome sewing machine of course !
What does it need ?....A cover ?, that would probably be thrown in the corner most of the time.
What I need, is to know what all those fancy stitches on that thing will look like when I use them.
 A BOOK OF STITCHES !....That's what I'll make ! Oh, wait a minute....they call those kind of books....gulp....bibles, stitch bibles. I don't think I could call it that.... a Bible is God's Sacred Word. 

Over the next few days as I worked on the pages of different stitches, (which are on Kona solids),
 I pondered over those two or bible.
 I decided, why not just ask God what he thought about calling it a stitch bible. So I did !
 A few days later it was time to make the first cuts in the Handmaids fabric. As I began to cut, it was like my eyes were suddenly opened....for the first time since the fabric arrived I began to see the word God printed on the fabric......and then scripture started popping out at me.......Colossians 2:2, Philippians 3:14 and II Corinthians 9:6 ! Yes, God had answered my question. 

It's important that I have a book to show me what the stitches will look like when I adjust the width and length on my sewing machine. God's Word tells me how to have a relationship with Him, through important correction and instruction and tells me of the width and length of the love that Jesus Christ has for each one of us.   I will think about God every time I use my stitch bible and it'll serve as a reminder that 
God answers questions, all I needed to do was ask Him.         

My stitch bible is machine quilted, hand embroidered, appliqued and embellished.
 I used rat-tail cord to bind the edges.... and grommets and rings to make the pages easy to turn.
Can you tell which buttons are real ? 
This picture gives you some idea of how much quilting there is on every page.
I made the stitch pages first, then when I appliqued and decorated the Handmaids fabric I referred back to those pages of stitches time and again. So this stitch bible is handy and necessary in my sewing room. 
It's one of those kind of things you just want to hold and pet. (quilters will know what I mean by that )
Sew Who Sews is Me Who Sews !
 I chose the lady on the fabric panel that I thought looked the most like me....Now stop that laughing !

The numbers at the top of each page, collate with the numbers on my machine and the numbers in the middle of the pages are the stitch length or width.

 The needle in the pin cushion is something I got from Shelly's buttons and more.
You may have to click the picture to see it better.
I thought this page was a pretty good representation of how my mind works. The cogs of my mind are always turning, the sewing machine up there represents what I think about...probably too much....
 and the stars are More Stars in Comanche.
 I quilted a square inside one of the circles and added some loose cords....draw your own conclusion !  

The hands remind me of the nail holes in Jesus hands. I had that charm, a cross with a heart in it.
 It's put on with a cord of red thread. 
This is to remind me of the blood Jesus shed because he loved me enough to die on the cross for my sin.
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