Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Allintoone Tuesday

Today is, cram it all into one, Tuesday.

Another Little Jo's club project ready for the meeting tomorrow.
The technique I was supposed to use was time consuming ! Sew you know what I did...I made it easier.
Even though it was easier, it still took ALL day.
 I'm hoping to get it quilted today as soon as I figure out what quilting design I want to use. 

I told you about this one in a previous post...it's quilted and ready to hang on that 
13 foot tall wall. 
The marking chalk I used would NOT come out...so I had to wash it....Bummer  ! 
Any suggestions on what kind of marking chalk is good?
 Or tell me how you mark your quilts.

I've been playing around making postcards. I made  one for my Mom and some friends...this is what I have left over.

I recently received a pin cushion clamp from a groovy purple lady, 
I love that it keeps the cushion up out of the way. 
Thank you again Groovy Purple Lady !

Don't forget to come back Friday when I reveal my Twisting to the 60's project ! 
Have a blessed day.


Kath said...

I love the red and grey combination and I have never tried machine piecing curves, so I was particularly impressed with your first quilt, You have a real talent for combining colours :-)

Deborah Hamilton said...

Your quilts and postcards are really pretty. I like the picture of the Indians dancing, too. I grew up in Coleman in the 50's and I remember the rodeo parades there. Comanche's not far from there.

Scrapatches said...

I love your little quilts! The chalk came out in the wash, I hope. I have no advice as I never mark my quilts. If you find a good chalking method, please post. I do not know what your son is saying, but I am saying please pass the ribs ... :) Pat

InGa said...

Both of your quilt looks very cute, and I think also the chalk will come off in the wash. I use a pen with a green thin 0,6 replaceable, and that works fine. Will try to find the brand mark, and I'll tell you.
Postcards is a very good idea.... and it's soon Chrismas. :-)

Rachaeldaisy said...

You really did manage to fit a lot into one!! Your Little Jo's are really beautiful! At least you wont see the chalk marks high up on the wall. I use mostly use a hera marker which just makes an indent on the fabric that you follow rather than marking, but then my quilting is a bit wonky. That pow wow looks amazing!!