Saturday, June 15, 2013

Saturday in Pictures

Time to move these cattle to fresh grass.
I have to compliment Ranch Man, he is a really good range manager, which means, he doesn't put too many cattle in one place and over graze the pasture land. 

  Luckily we have other pastures to put our it's not luck, it's a blessing !

The brand new trailer is loaded with some of the mother cows and the bull. 

 This is the day we went to East Texas to pick the trailer up.
Your looking at one happy Ranch Man !
 A new trailer was long overdue !
Son is pulling Hi Ho Silver, (well hi ho rusty now) loaded with the calves.

 This is Son, who I call Bubba Jones, not sure why I do. Ranch Man was Jonsie to his Mom.
Our last name is not Jones ! LOL

 There they go to their new home 60 miles away.

The Ranch Patrol Foreman is totally put out with me for making him sit under the pretty flowering tree, after he's been so hard at work in the cow lot... for a dumb picture......
he's hot, thirsty, and covered in cow poop......Such is the life of a cow dog !
But just as soon as he cools off he will be right behind me in the garden, making every step that I do.
I love my Ranch Patrol !

 Speaking of garden...last night I put up the first 14 quarts of green beans and now I'm off to pick more !
Have a great weekend, and God bless you.


Carol said...

I'm such a city girl, so these pics are just too fun to look at. I see cows roaming in places on my way to Utah that are far from any visible ranch, which now makes sense from what you've just said in your post. Love that dog!

Ranch Wife said...

LOL - we just got a new trailer too and I'm working on a post. :) Don't think I can get DH to pose in front of ours though. :) I'm envious of your green beans. That's quite a haul. Mine won't grow. :(

Rachaeldaisy said...

Such a nice new trailer!!! Ranch man will be wanting to drive the cows around everywhere just to use it. How funny about the name Jonesy, I wonder how that came about? Those green beans look good. You've all been busy bees, especially Ranch Patrol.