Monday, January 7, 2013

Quilting Police

I joined the Liberty and Justice Bee this weekend, (the button is over on the lower right if you care to 

check it out.) I'm doing a little ( ketchup ) for Shirley. I think she's short a block or two. A lady

had to drop out and I was lucky enough to get to fill the empty spot.

 This was the block pattern for December.

 I was stressing over perfection last night as I was sewing, mostly because this is the first paper piecing I've ever done. 

Then I remembered what I am always telling my friend Nancy,

 "There are NO QUILTING POLICE"!     

Here's a cute  thing I pinned on Pinterest a while back and I thought I would share it with all you other sewing perfectionist's out there.

In this bee, the blocks have to be patriotic in some way, colors or stars...."sew" I (sigh) HAD to go shopping. 

You didn't fall for that did ya !

 When I open the door to any quilt shop, it's like, TA DAAAAA !!!

This is what I found ! Cute huh ?    :-)

Now I'm gonna get out from behind this computer and go sew right after I read today's bible lesson, which is what I should have done FIRST !

God knows none of us can be perfect, therefore we have God's grace.....Christ Jesus. 


Ranch Wife said...

Oh, your block turned out beautifully! Looks like you have been paper piecing forever! I am intimidated by it, but I think I need to overcome that fear. I love the fabrics you chose at the quilt store - just my style! And as for that Bible study - me too. Too often I say, "Oh, I'll get to that in a minute when it should be the FIRST thing I tend to.

susiloci said...

Una estrella preciosa!!!!!!!!!!