Wednesday, January 9, 2013

"Ah Ha" Moment

Do you ever have an "AH HA" moment while your sewing?

 And think, "Why haven't I been doing  THAT all along !"

I've been sewing on the January blocks for the Liberty & Justice Bee, (pictures below) and still working on "No Diamonds in the Sky". I recently started playing around with the leader-ender thing , of which I already almost have another quilt out of that! And talk about a thread saver !

 "Sew" anyway, .....while sewing on one project, I'm thinking of another.... 
(I bet you do that too).....Dare to Dresden Blog Hop came to mind.
 I thought "Boy I'm gonna have to get after that pretty quick" I was picking up a leader..... 
I stared at it for a second.............. 
AH HA!     I could be using the Dresden blades  for my leader-enders !!!

I did the freezer paper method to print the message on my L&J blocks. Glue the freezer paper to a regular piece of printer paper, I used an Elmer's glue stick for that. Since the center block is 12 1/2" big,  I cut a smaller piece of the same fabric, ironed it on the freezer paper and ran it through my printer.... set the ink with a hot iron and then it's washable. 
Then applique it on.  The finished block is 18"

This is my playground.

I love looking at  people's sewing spaces. Mine is the spare bedroom I fixed up for my Granddaughters. I do my cutting at the dining room table. I would love to have a huge room designated for sewing......but this is what it is and I'm happy with it. 
 If you have a great place to sew, Or, maybe a not "sew" great  place where you sew,
 I really would love to hear about it. Maybe I'll get an, AH HA idea from one of you !

P.S. for my ranch wife blogger friends, it is RAINING ! I hope your getting RAIN TOO!

Have a wonderful day and may God bless YOU.


Ranch Wife said...

Well I am glad that y'all are getting some rain. We're still waiting on it to arrive. Sorry, as a ranch wife, it is my duty to comment on the weather before quilting. :) Your liberty and Justice blocks are lovely! What sort of fabric did you use for printing your sentiment? I love using leader enders - it's like multi-tasking!


HURRAY ITS RAINING!!! AND I dont have a Ranch..I have enough dogs just no cattle.LOL ! Love your block, please share how you printed the writing..its really neat and defined. Maybe I can do it. Dont forget to ask your bloggers if they would love to have a Blog birthday party.. I love love your organization.. I am not totally ready to show off my studio.. but will email your a start.. bless you too

Vickie said...

I will!