Thursday, November 26, 2015

A Few Recent Finishes

 This St. Bernard is a commissioned piece I just finished from a pattern I designed.  
 My oldest granddaughter drew this deer for me. The horns are just small bits and pieces of fabric that are left over from cutting out flowers.
It's for sale.

Another you see the tiger hiding in there some where? 

 A lady at bible study got that batik fabric at a gift exchange we do each month for birthday celebrations. She's not a quilter, so I told her that if she would give me the fat quarter I would make something and bring it back to her......she was thrilled with the cross. 
This picture was taken before the binding was sewn down.
 I gave it to my brother for his 70th birthday.
Matthew 19:26
The story behind the flying pig is: when he was a teenager our pigs got out and went to the neighbors house several miles away. Dad told him to go get them and the neighbor wasn't very nice about it. My brother being a little upset was driving pretty fast on the dirt road when the old homemade trailer came off the ball and the nose of it drove down in the gravel catapulting the pigs into the air. My brother  said he looked up and pigs were flying over the cab of the pickup ! They landed in the ditch and were all knocked out. Harlan said he thought "boy am I in trouble all the pigs look dead"! He said here in a minute he could hear grunting.....they all jumped up and ran straight home!  
I love that story....when he tells it I laugh so hard I can't breathe !
 So I always give him some sort of flying pig for special occasions. 
And a traditional quilt finish, measuring 98" x 98" generous queen size.
This one is for sale too.
Thanks for stopping by.
Happy Thanksgiving, God bless you.


KaHolly said...

Wow! You have been busy, busy, busy! Love the flying pig story! Great job keeping it alive. Your brother doesn't look 70.

Doniene said...

Your collage quilts are absolutely beautiful! You are truly and artist!!! You ARE a blessing to many!!!

Love and hugs!

Lorna McMahon said...

Your applique finishes are amazing, Carla! I especially love the dog and the deer! And that great big beauty - the queen size finish - how do you do it all?!!!!

Jeanie said...

Love the St. Bernard...and all of your collage quilts. I had to look a bit to see the tiger face. Love the little pig quilt and the story behind it. Oh, and the cross quilt is just precious. Wonderful job on everything!

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Nice quilts. Love the pigs story.

Mary Ann said...

Laughed at that flying pig story. We have stories like that too. Always something happening when you live in a rural area. Love all your quilts. You have done some amazing work. Thanks for sharing. said...

Wow so many pretty quilts. Great story about the flying pigs.

the girlfriend gap said...

You are getting to be a professional with your floral collage quilts : ) I smiled when i read that your granddaughter has jumped on board too ! And I really got a chuckle out of the pig quilt and story. I can almost hear you laughing all the way to Iowa.

Looks like you are putting that sewing machine to good use.

Sending you Christmas Hugs early because things could get a little crazy here in the next few weeks.
Your sweet Sewing Sister in Christ


Carla said...

I missed this post and wow is it incredible. Your work is so amazing. I came over to look at your deer. I've just taken mine out of the "wad" on my work bench and am going to work on it. I'm here for inspiration and wowzers is there a lot of it. Love your new patterns!!!!!!

Ranch Wife said...

Goodness, girl! Your collage quilts are just amazing! true pieces of art! I love the stories behind quilts and the story of your brother and the flying pigs is a gem...too funny!