Wednesday, April 15, 2015

F1 Tiger Lily

You may or may not have seen this gal before.
 I've shown her on my photo blog  before and she's featured again today as well. 
I think she is the prettiest thing that has ever walked this ranch !
 I call her Tiger Lily. She's an F1 tiger stripe heifer.
Don't you just love those EARS !
My reason for sharing her photo with you is that, she's the model for a future collage quilt. 
Several people have asked me if those were Texas Bluebonnets in the background of her picture.....Yes they are!  The Texas state flower is a color blue, that is like no other.

I'm going to Paducah next week....are you going ? 
I hope so, I would love to meet some of the friends I've made blogging ! 
God bless you


Corrie H. @ Mountain Stitches said...

You are right, she is very pretty! I can't wait to see her on a quilt. How many head of cattle do you have?

Phyllis said...

She is gorgeous!

Mary Ann said...

Just saw your deer and bison collage quilts. All I can say is WOW! Tiger Lily will be a gorgeous model for a quilt like that.

Carla said...

She is beautiful and will be perfect for a collage quilt. I would have gone to Paducah if I knew you were going. I do want to go someday. Have a fabby time!!!

Kath said...

That blue is glowing! I'm wondering if they are a wild flower or can they be grown from seed? I'd love to try them here in England but it might be too cold for the poor things!

Doniene said...

I can hear the "Brrrrrrrrrr" rumble that only an "eared" critter can make!!! She is lovely!!

Have fun in Paducah!!

Blessings and hugs!

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

I miss bluebonnets! Have fun in Paducah. I'll go one day. said...

She is a pretty one, and Love the bluebonnet. Have fun in Paducah I am envious. Maybe some day I will get to go.

Rachaeldaisy said...

Tiger lily will be a wonderful star of your next quilt. Have fun in Paducah!

KaHolly said...

Oh, Vickie, you lucky duck, you! How nice that you were able to work it out to go to Paducah! I should plan my migratory pattern better next year and travel from TX to Paducah, then on to New England! The timing is perfect! Have fun! Take lots of pics. Love the cow. Can't wait to see how she showcases your work!

Josie McRazie said...

I don't miss those fire ants...but there is NOTHING like the bluebonnets growing everywhere!! Beautiful!!

the girlfriend gap said...

Tiger Lily is so beautiful. I asked my husband if we could go to Paducah since our moving plans this weekend for my daughter have been postponed. He rolled over on the couch, looked at me and said.... " you're kidding right???". Guess that means I won't be going :( We were in Paducah 3 years ago though not at the right time for the festival. The same show comes to Des Moines, Iowa about an hour away from me. It has been a few years since I have gone. It is kind of a dangerous place for me with all the vendors.

Hope you have a wonderful time!

Highly recommend the
Tribeca Mexican Cuisine in Paducah

Take care.
Your sweet Sewing Sister in Christ,

Carol said...

She's such a beauty with those big ears! One of my favorite things about Texas is those them! They remind me of my grandma who loved to paint them in her pictures. Sweet! I wish I was going to be sitting next to you at Paducah! Maybe next year. :O)