Friday, December 26, 2014

Christmas Sewing

We haven't had our family Christmas yet, because Ranchman had the terrible, awful, really bad flue ! We didn't want anyone else to catch it, so we put things off until Sunday. Nope...I didn't get it... I bleached and sterilized everything and slept in another bedroom so I wouldn't breath any of his air. 
He's much better today....Thank goodness ! 
I thought I was completely ready for Christmas, but this morning I realized I had a problem !
I didn't have a gift for my DIL's younger sister. She house sits for us and takes care of "The Ranch Patrol" when we go out of town, plus she's an all round good girl who needs a good gift. I pieced this quilt to give her when she graduates college. Since it was already pieced and hanging in the closet, I decided to go ahead.... finish it, and give it to her for Christmas.  
The pattern is Boxy Stars that I found on Quiltville's free patterns. 
Within a couple of hours I quilted and bound it...put a label on it ....problem solved !
 I've worked on a few more Women of the Bible blocks.
This one is called "Eve".
" Rachel"  
The fabric is my favorite of all time...Jelly Bean by Edyta Sitar.
The Grand Illusion Mystery quilt clue 5 came out his morning. It was fast and easy.
 These are all of mine so far. I wasn't going for scrappy in the beginning, but sometimes your just forced to if you don't want to buy more fabric. The only constants are the orange,which I subbed for Bonnie's pink, and the yellow. 
I was concerned about my fabric choices at first, but not now. I really like how it's looking.
Do you like how yours looks so far? 
I would like to wish each of you a Happy, Healthy and Wonderful New Year full of blessings.
God bless you.  

12 comments: said...

Glad you didn't catch the bug. Wow that quilt turned out pretty. Hope you have a fun holiday when everyone is feeling better.

Raewyn said...

Pleased to read you're still healthy. And good you were able to get the quilt finished - it looks great from here! I'm busy watching everyone's mystery quilts but didn't join in... one year! I hope you have a lovely Christmas celebration on Sunday!

Jeanie said...

So glad you have avoided the flu and that Ranchman is better. There's never a good time for the flu, but Christmas would be the roughest. Beautiful quilt! You certainly got that finished quickly. She'll treasure it!

Jeanie said...
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Joyce Carter said...

I am very happy that you are well and Ranchman is getting better.Have A wonderful day with your family. The quilt is very beautiful. I know she will love it.

Carol said...

I'm so glad you didn't get the is nasty stuff! Looks like an adorable quilt and cool blocks.

Josie McRazie said...

Hope Ranchman feels better!! I love your colour choices! I'm going mostly with Bonnie's colour way (but I have limey greens not grass greens) I'm loving it!!

the girlfriend gap said...

Love to see what you are working on.:) I have down loaded a few of the women of the Bible blocks.... though sad to say i have missed some blocks by not paying close enough attention to the newsletter mailings. The finished quilt sounds BIG. I will just make it with what I have and see how big it turns out. I have to finish some projects before I can start. Wish I were as speedy as you to finish things up. Very cute boxy star quilt. You take care.... No time for sickness. I have been simmering a tablespoon of Italian seasoning on the stove as needed to keep the sickness away and cleanse the air while sick grandkids have been here. It has natural antiviral properties ... so far It is doing the trick. And dosing up on Vit C.

Lots of love to you in 2015 :)
Your sweet sewing sister in Christ :)

Phyllis said...

Such an awesome gift! Lovely quilt! The flu can be terrible, glad you did not catch it. Enjoy your Christmas celebrations!

Kath said...

That is a beautiful gift. I am in awe of your quilting, I'm still not speaking to my machine after my last attempt at FMQ...

KaHolly said...

Glad The Ranchman is feeling better and you didn't get sick, too!!! Just love your quilt. It will make a wonderful giftie and I'll bet she was thrilled. I love the blocks you are working on. Your fabric choices are perfect! Happy New Year!

StitchinByTheLake said...

Vickie are your Women of the Bible blocks something you bought or found on the internet? I'd love to see that pattern! blessings, marlene