Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Almost Quilt Show Ready

Come join us for the 2014 Heart of Texas Quilt Show April 25-26 at the Brownwood Coliseum
I'm almost ready for the quilt show that's coming up this Friday and Saturday. 
I'm putting the binding on the last quilt....binding is not my favorite thing to do at all !
 You've never seen this one, it's a Swoon.
 I've had it pieced for a very long time, but just got it quilted.

In addition to binding, I made 9 quilt labels yesterday....nothing like waiting until the last minute....right ?
I'm taking 3 art quilts- 1.Fonzie #2, 2.The Girl with the World Earring, and 3.Morning Glory Praise.
1 big quilt- 4.Swoon, and also 5.Christmas Dinner, 6.Left-Handers "Git Off", 7.Hole in the Chicken Wire, 8.More Stars in Comanche (the quilt in my blog header) and an 9.antique spiderweb quilt I bought at an auction 25 years ago...which also was just quilt hand a precious 83 year old woman in my bible study class.
I also have a quilt in the bed turning that Ranchman's Mother made. 
You can look at all of them, except the antique one, up in my tabs page..."My Quilts".
Awards are based on viewers choice, except for the Mayor's award...etc.
SEW wish me luck ! I'm gonna need it...
Well I must get's time to transform the Brownwood Colosseum into a quilt show !
Have a blessed day ! 


Kath said...

If only we were neighbours Vickie! I love stitching the binding.
I'd love to see your quilts, particularly the spider web quilt.

Britt-Inger said...

Good luck Vickie. It is so fun with a quilt show. But it is a lot of work hanging all the quilts and fantastic when it is done.

Carol said...

Lots of good luck wishes headed your way! It's so exciting to see you get to show off your beautiful work!

Shari said...

Oh, how exciting for you! All the best for your showings, they are all beautiful! Have a wonderful time!

Rachaeldaisy said...

Our Shows are on the same weekend!! I was sewing labels on last night in time for todays drop off too. We'll both be up ladders on either side of the world. I'm loving those peeks of your Swoon quilt! Good luck with the awards. We only have viewers choice awards and the really beautiful traditional quilts win. I'm just happy seeing mine hanging in a show.

Ranch Wife said...

Wish I were closer - I'd help you stitch on the binding and get myself into trouble at the quilt show! I'm impressed with your entries - you'll do well and have all kinds of fun! said...

Oh I would so love to visit your quilt show. Best of luck with all of your gorgeous entries.

Suze said...

Beautiful. My guild's quilt show is in early June. I have never entered anything and decided I would this year. I put a sleeve on a Double Wedding Ring that someone made for me. I have to take it off and move it down - it's a king size. Grrrr. Then I have another quilt to scallop, bind, etc. I don't know if I'll get it done or not - I have another kidney stone apparently. Your quilts are always beautiful. I wish I could come to the show. Good luck, my friend.

Brenda said...

Nine quilts in the show -- that's amazing. You know that you'll be competing against yourself. You quilts are absolutely lovely -- I love how your swoon turned out. Would love to see them all in the cloth, so to speak, but you are way too far away!

Thearica said...

Wishing you lots of luck on ribbons! I see several coming home with you. :)

I love the photo at the bottom of your quilt album where the quilts are laid across bales of hay... Was that your blog banner once?