Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Party Time !

I am blessed !  Just look at the view I had yesterday morning  from my back porch !
7:00 and the moon was still on it's way down. The deer were grazing in the winter oats but came to attention when they heard me snapping pictures. They watched me feed the chickens, until the Ranch Patrol spotted them and started barking, then the deer were off before you could say lickety-split ! 

 Then it was off to Brady,Texas...well in the same county anyway, to our quilt guilds Christmas partyMy friend Doniene of  Now it's just Quilts  graciously opened her home to us. Now this gal is a ranch woman. She trains border collie's, rides the ranch on horse back, raises goats, quilts, and lives far enough out in the Texas mesquites, that the census bureau  probably can't find her !
 Plus she is a wonderful friend, helper to all and loves the Lord with all of her heart.

Doniene, her husband and 4 children built this house themselves, from reclaimed wood and metal.  
See the link to that  process on her bog  HERE

Isn't this the coolest Christmas tree !
 It's made of re-bar, a plow disc, horseshoes and barbed wire.
 Ranchman is going to weld me up one of these (he just doesn't know it yet) hehe !
 While Doniene was explaining the process of making one of her many quilts, 
Doris and I were admiring what a ranch woman does with tattered old family quilts....
uses them for curtains !

 See that double oven stove.... I think it's been in her family for a long time....try to buy one nowadays and you'll pay a pretty penny !

 Precious Marcella, one of the ladies in the guild, who is known for her pin cushions, made a hostess gift for Doniene, just look at those boobies on that saucy thing !

Our President Joy, got one too and got so tickled about it ! 
Joy was a perfect name for this lady, because she is a Joy ! 

Marcella also made one for Vice President, Doris Rice The Quilting Queen Online

We ate good food and rolled the dice for fat quarters in Left, Right, about a fun game! 
One person ends up winning all the fat quarters and guess who won ?

We all had a fun time and loved Doniene's ranch home....
Thank you my friend !
Be blessed and have a great day today.


InGa said...

Looks like you had a wonderful time. :-)
Take care, and I wish you a merry Christmas season.

Rachaeldaisy said...

What a wonderful time you all had!! Times with sewing friends are always fun. How cute and funny are those pincushions, they're so full of personality! I love your first photo of the moon in the sky above the deer, what a beautiful sight. said...

Oh it looks like you all had so much fun. How I would love to look out and see deer instead of the McMansion which resides on the artificially created hill about 1 acre away. Deer in our area seem to like I-75 to hang out by. The Christmas tree made of barbed wire, is wonderful, and the pincushions are fab.

KaHolly said...

It WAS the most amazing moon! I have always said there is nothing like a TX sky at night!! Looks as though you had wonderful time at your party!

Jeanie said...

Those pincushions are a hoot....filled with each of the gals' personalities! Love your first picture with the moon and that truly Texas Christmas tree is the coolest ever!

Carla said...

My kind of party. I need one of those trees, too. Hubby needs to come in from the shop to see it. Love those pincushions and the curtains!!! Thanks for sharing Vickie, great post.

Britt-Inger said...

You surely enjoyed yourself in such a merry company. I have enjoyed reading all your posting. Thanks for sharing the event with me. The pincushions were so awesome, they have put a smile on my face.
Merry Christmas to you Vickie over there in Texas.

Doris Rice said...

We did have a great time! Gonna show that tree to my son. He's the welder in our family. Maybe I'll get one for Christmas next year. :) Oh and I love, love, love my pincushion, perky boobies and all!