Saturday, October 26, 2013

Bloggers Quilt Festival

Welcome to More Stars in Comanche !

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 At first glance you might think this is a Christmas quilt, but there is not one "Christmas fabric" in it. 
 However, I named it 
"Christmas Dinner" !

This regal appliqued rooster was my first project and the first thing I quilted on my new Janome. That process was  fun and frustrating all at the same time, after all,  my machine and I were "getting to know each other".  
I'm happy to report, my Janome and I are now friends.....for the most part.  

 Ranchman and I were given 2 hens and a rooster this past spring. 
They scratch and peck all day long, and watching them chase grasshoppers is hilarious ! 
 I started making "chicken" quilts because I needed to come up with a design for a blog hop and thought it might be fun to recreate my entertaining chickens in a quilt.
 Christmas Dinner is my 3rd chicken quilt. Since then I seem to have become known for rooster quilts.
 You can see my other ones here and here
I'm currently working on another quilt using 6 of Florine's whimsical rooster designs.

Quilt Festival Category : Applique Quilts
Pattern :  Rob Roy Rooster inspired by Florine Johnson Designs , overall design by me
Fabrics: Kona Cotton & a mix of Bonnie & Camille fabrics 
Pieced by:  Me
Quilted: by : Me
Size: 50" x 50"

This button will take you directly to the category Christmas Dinner is entered in so you can cast your vote for your favorite (mine) quilt!  hehe

Thank you to Amy of Amy's Creative Side and all the wonderful sponsors for making this such a great event.
I hope  you are enjoying the Bloggers Quilt Festival, I certainly am !

Have a great day and may God bless you.


Kath said...

I am a vegetarian, so I would have to have a nut-roast quilt, but I doubt it would be so eye catching :-D

Amy said...

Of course, loved it at first sight and still do! ;)

Nancy M. said...

another beauty by you. i have to tell you that when i saw the first picture above (well part of it anyway) i thought that was a pineapple in the middle. of course, it did not take me long to see that it was not. just a small laugh for your day. This quilt is GORGEOUS

Nancy M. said...

Vivkie is there a place to go to vote on the quilts...yours in particular?

Rachaeldaisy said...

I love this quilt for it's beauty and it's humour!! The quilting is excellent, especially how you have quilted feathery lines on the rooster. A great entry for the festival!

withajoyfulheart said...

This is a fantastic quilt! My chickens used to love eating meal worm beetles. Uncovering one in the coop guaranteed you a hilarious tussle as several of them would dive for it at the same time. Love the name of your quilt...a sweet plump rooster like this...mmm mmm good! LOL

Debby said...

Vickie. What a fabulous quilt! And your quilting is so divine! To think that's the first thing you quilted on your home machine? You're a natural. I just signed up to follow you via email (I came trolling to get some info about the Black Tie Boogie). Your work is great and I always love seeing and hearing about the critters on your ranch. I am super selective about the blogs I follow and yours is so entertaining! And the quilts - well, like I said - divine (even if they are about chickens).

Doris Rice said...

You and your new machine seem to be great friends. What an absolutely fabulous quilt. Very nice quilting!

Sharyn T said...

Definitely something to 'crow' about. Love it! Sharyn:)

CitricSugar said...

Beautiful work. Great name!

Ivory Spring said...

What a beautiful quilt! I love how you have quilted the rooster.

I appreciate you dropping by my blog - to answer your question, yes, I do quilt with a domestic machine.

Joan Kawano said...

I remember this quilt. I drooled over it the first time I saw it! LOL!! So fun and stunning quilting.

Joy Ivy said...

Beautiful quilt. Catchy name, too!