Friday, July 12, 2013

One Week in my Life

Although I don't live in town I still have pesky neighbors !
Let's take a look at the ones who make me want to chew nails.
Armadillos ! 
NASTY, HORRIBLE, UGLY, DESTRUCTIVE critters, who are destroying my yard ! They have several hundred acres to dig up and they want to do it right here ! @#$%)^&!
One has been visiting about every 2 or 3 nights for a week !
 I get up all hours of the night and shine the spotlight with no results. Evidently it watches for me, tonight, 
 I'm gunning for it every hour !  

This is just a taste of what one did last night.

Grasshoppers !
They eat anything garden, my flowers, leaves on the trees

they even eat the bark off the trees !  We spray and spray, but there are always more ! I get me some revenge though....I catch um and throw um in the chicken pen and then belly roll laugh at the chickens chasing them ! I'll have to post a video of that sometime....hilarious !

Yellow-jackets !
I am very allergic to these mean things. Not sure why the yellow-jackets are swarming the black-eyed peas by the thousands this year....that's NEVER happened before ! My daughter in law said she would come help me pick the peas the other evening, they don't bother her. So the plan was...she would pick the insides of the rows and I would pick the outside. OK sounds like a good plan.  
Here you can see we have Ranch Man's help....enjoying his Rocky Mountain water after a long days work, telling us where he see's the ones that are ready. 

 Yes it happened....I got stung on the finger ! So I went to the house, took a Benadryl, scraped the stinger off, mixed up a flour and water paste and and wraped my finger up in it (flour and water draws the poison out) got my camera so you could see who took my place hehe...then it was nighty night for me.
 Benadryl puts my lights out pretty fast. As of today my fat finger is almost back to normal. I didn't show it to you because it was just to....not lovely to look at.! 

No picture, I would have to faint, then be revived, to tell you about it.
Two nights ago, Ranch Man woke me at 2:30 a.m., "WAKE UP, I NEED YOU TO COME  HOLD THE LIGHT", why? I said, "THERE'S A HUGE CHICKEN SNAKE ON TOP OF THE DOG HOUSE" ! So with loaded shot gun and spotlight in hand, we go traipsing out there, me in my shorty pj's, he in his fruit of the looms. Now our dog house is an 8' tall covered kennel, the chicken coop is right next to it and there is low hanging tree limbs covering all ! Are you getting the picture ?  RM climbed up to see if he could see it....not there....IT MUST BE UP IN THE TREE WE"RE STANDING UNDER !
 But we couldn't find it ! 
He said the dogs woke him up barking like crazy,  he went out to see what it was and there was the biggest chicken snake he had ever seen and it had my poor Ranch Patrol cornered ! RM said he hit it with a shovel a couple of times as it was crawling up the side of the dog pen. It's not been back...whew ! 

That's why I have to pen the Ranch Patrol at night. That's another story for another time !
There are some bright things in my life !

Comanche Stars ! 
 I got it back from my favorite long-arm quilter Angela McCorkle from Quilts with a Heart

 I hope  you can see the wonderful quilting on it. (She's "sew"good)!

 This may be my second favorite comes in second right after Butter & Marmalade !
 Comanche Stars is going to be my cozy TV quilt... 
How was your week ?
I hope you have a really GOOD one, God bless you.


Carol said...

Let me just say that quilt was a treat to see after reading about all those creepy critters. It's beautiful and so is the stitching! Armadillos, snakes, coyotes...uh, I'm glad I'm a city girl though we do have coyotes that wander around our area once in a while.

KaHolly said...

Whenever I see armadillos, they are in the wild, not in anyone's yard. I never thought about the damage they can do! And grasshoppers, my goodness. Is this a particularly bad year for them? Or, is it like this every year. I certainly can do without yellowjackets. Yuck! Snakes, I like snakes, but they get pretty big out there where you are....maybe too big!! That quilt, now that's something. What a beautiful job. And the quilting is wonderful.

Joyce Carter said...

Hi Vickie. Have you been visiting at my house? We have ALL these pests, except for the armadillos. My grandson got stung by a yellow jacket but I didn't have anything to put on it. It really swelled up, but thanks to you, I know what to do the next time.
It seems like everything is worse this year. We have moles digging up our yard. I think they are worse than the armadillos because they leave holes every where. BTW-I live in Ga. and we aren't supposed to have these animals here, but we actually saw a dead one the other day. I was sooo surprised! They must be migrating this way. Have a great weekend!

Doniene said...

Never a dull moment on the ranch!!! Sorry about your finger! Never fun to fight a sting!!

Commanche Stars is absolutely gorgeous!!! Angela is an amazing quilter!!


Rachaeldaisy said...

Oh my golly Armadillios!!! And Chicken Snakes and everything in between, there's non stop action at your ranch!! I love your Commanche Stars quilt!! Those stars glow with gorgeousness. Awesome quilting job too. It will be the perfect cosy quilt for catching up with your favourite western movies.

tubilinha tiacarminha said...

Se tem tatus,tem terra fértil...Para espantar cobras NAFTALINAS.Para grilos e gafanhotos água com sabão em pó bem batido.Linda colcha,parabéns.Bençãos.

Madame Samm said...

Good morning Vickie, the worst thing we deal with here are raccoons and Hedgehogs....since we started sprinkling critter ridder, they have not been around. Our garden never gets eaten by anything since we grow peppermint..
If I ever saw an armidillo or snakes, or pesky insects, i would never venture outside....s uffice to say, if I was creating such beautiful quilts, I would venture outside for pics...yours are beautiful. The star quilt is beautiful...
Your post was a delight

InGa said...

Oh, Vickie, what a week you had. It's unbeliveable the things you had to cope with. !!
I'm sitting in the dark on our balcony and watching the fireworks in St. Laurent in south of France.
(tomorrow is 14th. of July, nationalday)
No such animals here......
Not even a mosquito....
Your quilt is just marvelous, I like it!! Hope you get a quiet weekend. said...

Just going to say ewwww! Growing up we had huge rats on my parent's farm and huge gooey slugs.
Our farm we just have rabbits, hawks, huge mosquitoes and voles. Nothing that is going to try to eat me.


Gorgeous Quilt girl.. did daddy ranger find my Pony yet?? Come sew with me soon, or I can come there, I love it out there.