Sunday, June 30, 2013


Ranch Man and I finally got home from South Dakota last night. 

I printed off the Happy Birthday wishes to my Mother that you sweet people sent her and took them for her to read. She really enjoyed that and just couldn't believe people from all over the United States, Australia, Sweden , Chez Republic and many other places sent her such nice wishes.

Here we are reading them.
She had a wonderful birthday considering she had been so sick for about 4 weeks and 1 week before her birthday had gall bladder surgery. What a trooper my Mother is !  

No, these are not post cards, these are pictures I took.

 After we left South Dakota, we went to Yellowstone National Park.
 It was the most beautiful place I've ever seen in my life !

We were only able to spend  two days in Yellowstone and then went down into the Teton Mountains. 
That is Lewis Lake, isn't that just breath taking ! We will go back.
I took 1,141 pictures in 10 days! 

See y'all on Wednesday when it's my turn to share in the Put a Stamp on it blog hop ! 


Carol said...

Glad you're home safe! Looks like a wonderful trip and those are beautiful pics. Such a sweet treat for your mom to have you there.

Dirt Road Quilter said...

It looks like you had a fabulous trip! So nice that you were able to spend some time with your mom - I'm sure you both enjoyed your time together. And yes, Yellowstone IS a beautiful place. Your photos are so pretty. Welcome home!

Joyce Carter said...

I am happy that you are back home safe and sound. But I am glad you had such a wonderful time. Loved the pictures! Your mother is so beautiful and sweet. And the pictures of the scenery are really gorgeous. Thanks for sharing them.

Doniene said...

Hey girlfriend!! Glad your trip was wonderful! Your mom is a gem!! Hugs to her from me and a belated birthday (don't know how I missed that, but oh well!) I love Yellowstone! You know I was raised in southern Wyoming - so you visited my home state!! You are one blog hopper! I really haven't gotten into that - I guess I need to follow your lead!

Blessings sweet lady!

InGa said...

It's fun to go away and be travelling, but the best part is to come home again. But we need both parts....
Lovely picture of your mam. :-)
And the first one from Yellowstone reminds me of my hometown Molde in Norway. Have a lovely week. regards

Scrapatches said...

Fabulous photos! Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful trip ... :) Pat

maggie said...

The photos of your trip are so wonderful. Thanks for sharing them.

Madame Samm said...

Road less travelled could not be further from the truth....your road sounds like it was welllll travelled...your photos are nice to see your mumm, i bet you were better than any medicine she could take.