Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Say it with Flowers

Good Wednesday to you !
If you've stopped by to see my Bloggers Quilt Festival photo entry, click this, or you can enjoy scrolling down for just a little bit.

 You see flowering Yucca when you cross the 1st cattle guard.

This is after you cross the 2nd cattle guard. I've always called them Blanket flowers.


Driving around the house I have Knockout Roses, Candy Tuft, Lantana, Rosemary bush, Century plants and  volunteer flowers. Funny thing about the volunteers in this spot, they only come up IN the flower bed. 

Last nights sunset !

 These are volunteer Black-eyed Susan's along my vegetable garden fence.

My guys were fixing fence the other day, I thought this looked like a pretty cool picture.

Sticky Mickey Mouse says, "I hope you have a happy day !"
 God bless you.
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Scrapatches said...

Thanks, Vickie, for the wonderful flower pictures today. You live in such a beautiful place! The "feet in the flowers" photos are so much fun. I love the ones of the Black eyed Susans along the fence the best. I love yellow flowers. The gray fence is the perfectly natural backdrop. The "Mickey Ears" cactus is too cute. Thanks for sharing your world today ... makes me smile ... :-) Pat

wonderlandbyalyce said...

Texas, Our Texas! Thanks for sharing the lovely pics! Living in the suburbs outside of Dallas doesn't afford many opportunities to see the natural beauty of our state, so I appreciate the glimpses you provide.

patchouli moon studio said...

Hi Vickie. Your flowers are beautiful. We have yuccas and prickly pear in bloom here too. I've seen a lot of the prickly pears look like Mickey or Minnie Mouse too, lol. Your sunset was so beautiful too.

Madame Samm said...

Love the stroll on your land...your men's boots adorable. Scratch that very classy lol

Carol said...

Your pics are just beautiful...makes me just a little jealous. Okay, a lot jealous! :O)

Joyce Carter said...

Hi Vickie. I loved all the flower pictures. Thank you for showing them to us. I really liked those little red ones where the cowboys were. I don't think I have seen any around where I live. We have so many wildflowers blooming and they are really beautiful. I have been waiting to cut the grass because I didn't want to cut them, but now the grass is too tall to wait much longer. Have a great week!

Rachaeldaisy said...

I feel as though I've had a walk through your garden. You have such beautiful flowers growing. Fun leg shots too and Micky made me laugh!!


So good, Great Pics.. I miss it...