Sunday, February 17, 2013

Saturday in Pictures

 Smokey Joe says, "I'm hiding in the Daffodils so I don't have to work calves."
Do your cats talk  too ?

 Believe me, I was lucky he let me take this picture while they were busy. 

This a Kiss calf. He looks like he's painted up like a member of Kiss.

 Ranch Man and Son

 This looks like a two headed calf.

She has to watch and learn today.   :(

 No, that's not a cow with horns on her butt, 
it's Waunita MY Watusi back there.

It's OK Mama, I learned alot today. 

 Daughter-in-law is going to feed this orphan baby. 

 The Ranch Patrol Foreman had fun today !

And now back to the two projects I have going on at the same time.
I hope you had a productive Saturday. 
God bless You.


InGa said...

It looks like a very busy day at the farm. :-)
So totaly different from mine.
Your "Trip" is comming on very beautiful.
regards from Sweden


Love the pics.. xo have a good one I am getting along great.. All the winners are so so happy

M. E. Stephens said...

There's some neat pictures here. And, yes, our cat talks too. :-)

Doniene said...

Great life!!! Thanks for sharing the photos!!

Lovely projects you have going!!! Stars are my favorites!! Such a pretty red!!


Gwynette in NW Arkansas said...

Is that mistletoe in the tree by the corral? We have it in some trees here in Arkansas.

Really like your 'stars' quilt.

Rachaeldaisy said...

Thanks for sharing your busy day with us. Those calves are so cute. I laughed out loud when you pointed out that the horns weren't coming out of the cows butt!