Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Carpenter's Star

This is when you know you have some happy horses.  They're resting and soaking up the sunshine. The one on the right is our son's old roping horse. He'll get to spend the remainder of his days right here. He doesn't get a saddle thrown over his back much these days, the old guy has earned his resting in the sunshine. 

And of course the Ranch Patrol Foreman did his job ...
to make sure everyone is  busy, no lazing around this ranch!  I watched movies with Ranch Man while he was sick the other day and saw "The Ranch Patrol" go past the window no less than 20 times, I guess he was just making his rounds.

 This is what I've been working on with all the Texas fabrics.  No Diamonds in the Sky. All half square triangles! Super easy and fast to put together. Right now it measures 92x92 but I'm thinking about putting 2 more boarders on it so it will be long enough on the sides to fit my bed. I can get it to 100 wide with the fabrics I have, but I don't know, that would be one honkin big quilt. I'm going to put it away for awhile and just think on it. 

I have to say... I love my ole' Ranch Man, every quilt I make he says, 
"This is the purdiest one yet".

 Oh yes, about the quilt guild meeting I attended was OK.
 Like Forrest Gump ....... that's all I have to say about that.

Ya'll have a wonderful day and may God bless You. 


Nancy C. said...

Ole Ranch Man is right! This one is great too! Go ahead and put that extra border on it!

Rachaeldaisy said...

How lovely to see the horses relaxing in the sun. Your quilt is amazing. It's come together so quickly. I'm impressed that its all half triangles, I would never have guessed. I say go ahead and put on some extra borders so it'll fit your bed.

Val Spiers said...

Nice to see there is some relaxing getting done on the ranch. Beautiful quilt in progress. Your ranch man sounds very sweet. said...

That is beautiful! What a marvelous quilt. I'm not ready for those points yet. Great, Great, work.

M. E. Stephens said...

That's a beautiful quilt you're making. :-) I'm inclined to agree with the extra borders plan. It would be huge, though. Do you hand quilt or machine quilt?