Wednesday, December 19, 2012

My Quilt Props are Turning into Cow Patties !

Ranch man is grinding up my quilt props!

For the sake of these guys. They're being led to the pens to work some calves. 

We bought some of this hay from my nephew out of South Dakota last year.

This country is so dry we had to start feeding a lot earlier than usual. 
We're grinding up the older alfalfa to make feed.

 Here's Ranch Man on his birthday last Sunday. 

 Ranch Man says "Every time a jack rabbit toots, it starts a dust storm."
 (I said it MUCH nicer than he does.)

The dust is unreal ! That's our son helping.

  They use a chain saw to cut up the big round bales. Oh well, it works! 

 I'll show you what the feed ends up looking like and how he feeds it to the cows in the next post.

If you have the mind to, please pray for rain for the drought stricken areas of the United States.
While many areas have flooded, some haven't had but a drop in many months! To make matters worse in our county, we have a red flag wind warning today, That will only dry things out more.

Despite all I've said about the situation around here, God is so gracious and good to us and we are blessed beyond measure.


 I hope you have a wonderful rest of the day and may God bless YOU.


Rachaeldaisy said...

What an amazing post! Such beautiful and interesting photos. I wish you lots of rain!!

Doniene said...

It is so very dry! But you are right - God is more than gracious and I believe He hears and will answer our prayers!


Eileen said...

Well maybe it doesn't look quite as romantic as I mentioned earlier! Great pictures - what a life you've got!