Sunday, December 30, 2012

A Hug From Heaven

These are very special quilts.....

They're made from shirts that belonged to Ranch Man's uncle.... Walter Mazurek , affectionately called Uncle Tooter, who passed away at the age of 79, one and a half years ago. He was a farm/rancher, and a great trapper !
Aunt Doris asked me to make quilts from his shirts for their two daughters, Linda and Laurie, for Christmas. 
It was an honor to do it for her.
Doris came over one day to help me prepare the shirts. We decided to leave some of the pockets and buttons on.......                                  
in several days the quilts were made. A sweet lady from  bible study agreed to hand quilt them for us and she did such a beautiful job.
This was such a precious idea Aunt Doris had, a Christmas gift for her daughters that honors the memory of their Dad. It was actually a gift from Mom and Dad, don't you think?

As  I was sitting in my rocking chair with the quilts draped over my lap sewing  the binding on , I kept thinking about Uncle Tooter  hugging his girls while he wore these shirts. . 
Maybe now when the girls need a hug from Daddy, they can wrap the quilt around their shoulders and remember those hugs. I think that would be like " A Hug From Heaven".

That's Aunt Doris behind there, see her little fingers.

 This rock has a funny story.

 Aunt Doris told Uncle Tooter one day, that she wanted a big rock in the front yard to sit on and plant flowers around, (you know a big round landscape type rock). One day she came home from town, he had gone out to the pasture, found her a rock he thought was pretty, dug a hole and  proudly planted her a big rock in the front yard. Big, round, and only 3 inches thick. She never told him that wasn't exactly what she had in mind. They were married 52 years.


Nikita said...

What a beautiful quilt and even better story behind it.

Rachaeldaisy said...

What a heart warming story. That's a special rock!