Wednesday, April 16, 2014

SWEET Things

Yesterday was meeting day at my local quilt guild, Bownwood Quilters Guild 
First rattle out of the box, I got the SWEETEST surprise ! 

 (Yes that's me holding the bag, but I cut myself out...I looked sick !)
My SWEET friend Connie gave me this wonderful bag ! 
You will never believe what she made it out of ! 

 And this SWEET gal is Doris, The Quilting Queen Online Blog 
Yes, we're in the same quilt guild ! She's lots of fun !

And here is 3 SWEETS
The SWEET lady on the left is Alice, she is the oldest active member of our guild. Recently she was sick, and while she was convalescing, SWEET lady #2, Cindy, on the right sent her this pillow she made especially for Alice. And let me tell you,  Alice was proud of it. 
Wasn't that a SWEET thing to do !

OH, yes, are you still wondering what my new bag is made out of ?
Fabric ? NO
 Jute ? NO
 Fiber of any kind ? NO, not really, unless you consider plastic a fiber.

It's made out of plastic grocery bags
I know, I couldn't believe it either !
Thank you Connie, you are so SWEET !

 I didn't get in this one.... but I'm cheering from the side lines ! 
Have a very blessed day my SWEETS.


Jeanie said...

Great bag! I've seen some bags made with "bags" and it's such a clever idea. You were certainly surrounded with sweet friends!

Purl Buttons said...

Needlework makes sisters of us all! So sweet! Our guild members refer to each other as sisters of the cloth. said...

Sweet bag, I saw a holder for extra toilet paper rolls made out of 3 coffee cans which were put together, then someone crocheted a cover for it out of plastic bags. Your guild looks like it is very fun.

Mdm Samm said...

Ohhhh her doily is much larger than i thought....your bag toooooo cool

Doris Rice said...

And the sweetest lady of them all is the author of this blog post! Hope you're feeling much better today! Your show and tell at Guild was SEW inspirational. We all loved the Prayer Flags! I bet we see more of them in the future.

patchouli moon studio said...

I guessed right, lol. I knew it was crocheted out of plastic grocery bags Vicki. I have even tried knitting with plastic grocery bags, but I think crocheting would be easier because the plastic grips the knitting needles too much and harder to slip the stitches off the needles. Lucky you!

Carol said...

I would never have guessed but it is very cute. How fun to get to meet someone you blog with...lucky you!

Amy said...

A whole bunch of sweet people and their projects! I had seen bags made with grocery bags before. Doris's quilt is a lot larger than I had thought.

Carla said...

Right away I thought the same thing as Amy, Doris's quilt is much larger than I thought. It's so cool for the two of you to be in the same guild. Love the bag and that pillow is such a sweet thing. My local guild meets at a time that just does not work with my schedule. I wish I had that local quilt thing to enjoy...

Josie McRazie said...

I have crocheted useing bags. It has been a while since I picked up my hook, but... I love scrubbies made out of bags! They are scrubby but not scratchy and if they get to gross you just throw them out! We used to use them on our Dutch ovens! I should make more! LOL

Rachaeldaisy said...

It's so sweet to meet your guild friends. Those plastic bag bags are suprisingly strong, it was lovely of Connie to make one for you.