Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Quilts Revealed

Christmas was a fun time at our house this year. 

We were so blessed Christmas day, God sent us rain ! Almost a whole inch. Everything looks so clean and fresh, even though the temps have dipped into the low 20's.

And the quilts were a success. 

      This was the first quilt I had ever made Jeniva (my daughter-in-law) and it brought tears.

  In this picture, Jeniva had just opened hers and my daughter is telling her how I entered it in a contest and  how we kept her from finding out.

 Surprise Shanna! You got one too! 

                            Christmas Sky                                               Deer-lightful Christmas Stars

I made them exactly alike, just changed colors to match their homes.

Jeniva......."I can't believe I didn't know, I even  saw on FB that you were in a quilt contest!"

Shanna......"Mom your sneaky"

I made my little precious  a Dora quilt. 

Raychel says," I wike it Gammie".

 She loves Dora !

Ranch Man and I got a alarm for our cattle-guard from the kids. Now we'll know when some body's headed to the house. He's telling me 2 cans and a string will do the same thing or some bologna like that ! He's so FULL OF IT !
I hope you had a a wonderful Christmas, Have a wonderful day today and may God bless YOU !