Wednesday, November 28, 2012

2012 Designer Mystery BOM = Fun !

I've been catching up on the 2012 Designer Mystery BOM from Fat Quarter Shop.
 I absolutely LOVE   the patterns and of course the Vintage Modern  fabric from my favorite designers, Bonnie and Camille.

 Looks like I skipped block 5 and did block 6 instead.

 So far my favorite block is #1, "Laundry Days" designed by Anne Sutton.
 Because I like it so much, I'm using that pattern and "30's reproduction fabric for another quilt. 

Who ever wrote the pattern directions for this BOM, did an awesome job. They are SOOO easy to follow!
     Take a close look at the next picture.

Sew, I finished another quilt and went to take pictures in the hay lot. I was just clicking away having myself a good ole time, and the dogs started barking, (you know that startled bark). I looked up and saw a big white thing moving around. I thought, DEAR LORD, that hay is moving!!!!  My eyes got as big as saucers, my heart was pounding out of my chest, and (I nearly started barking too). Slowly it was raising it's head... ears began to emerge.....then big brown eyes and that's as far up as it came. I hollered, "WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN HERE?" She just  lowered her head and went back to eating. 
Sew, the dogs and I went around to run her back through the gate. Old Yeller stood her ground, even slinging her head around at us. "Ok sister, you WILL get the heck outa here!  Sew we walked back up to the house (the dogs and I walk alot) and got the 4-wheeler. When she heard that, she ran right back out the big hole in the fence she came in through!  Now Ranch Man has some fence mending to do ! (no pun intended.)

There's my two buddies waiting patiently on me to finish taking my pictures.

 I bet they're wondering what in the world I'm doing.
 Little Sissy ,nine months old, (and has a lot to learn about being a ranch dog) is on the left and Corky, 3 years old, on right. I love them both very much, But, Corky is the most loyal dog I've ever had.  You know what they say "Nobody loves me like my dog !"

Y'all have a wonderful day and may God Bless YOU.

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Sandy said...

That's too funny! You have a new quilt inspector!
I love the color combinations in your fat quarter quilt. I'll check out the site as well.