Thursday, October 4, 2012

DO NOT read this if you don't have a GOOD sense of humor !

Hey there, How are you today ?  I've been busy around here.
 I've worked 15 minutes a day on my fan quilt most days. It will take a very long time to get this quilted if I don't quilt longer each day, but I've been working on a project for a friend as well.
 If she reads this, she will be excited. It's all put together, I just have to get it quilted.
 I'm not going to show it for now, I don't want to ruin the surprise for her.........
But it is turning out VERY nice. 
She gave me 5 butterfly blocks she salvaged from a quilt her Grandmother made. 
The quilt was built around those.

 Ranch Man helped me move my sewing machine to the dining room the other day because one of my buddies came over for a sew day.
 I just left it in there so I could spread blocks out on the table 
(less running back and forth, you know what I mean?) 

Am I the only one out there that has to be barefoot to have control of the foot pedal ?
 Seems like I go heavy foot crazy with a shoe on, 
"sew" this is how I sew, one cold foot and one warm one.

Now, another warning, don't go any further if you are not in the mood for a good laugh.
 At least we think it's funny. It's ranch humor :) 
  Our son put a game camera up at the windmill 
to see if we could tell if any deer are watering up there. 
The other day I went and got the SD card and brought it up to the computer to look at the pics.

 There was the typical pictures of cows walking by.

 I think this is cool to catch a bird flying by. 
There was 295 pictures on it, sew, I weeded through a lot.

  And here you have a typical one of the curious cow wondering what this thing is.

  And here are crows getting a drink.

    Another curious cow..............................AND THEN..................................................

                             I warned you !

             By the way, there hasn't been any deer watering at the windmill.

  Have a wonderful rest of the day and may God Bless you !


Connie said...

Oh, my gosh!!! Laughed so hard over the cow butt!!!!

Vickie Mazurek said...

I know, I was just clicking away looking at those pictures and I saw that I LMBO